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Rosemary Westwood is a freelance journalist and opinion writer.

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Cosby's fate was hardly inevitable. That's why his imprisonment represents a major turning point

If American jurors can listen, without bias, to an unknown Canadian woman in a case involving one of their country's most cherished figures, it raises a hopeful question: who else will be believed?

#MeToo was never going to change the world instantly, but it has moved well beyond a hashtag

#MeToo is far from a fad. It has roots in the real world, and it's spreading. It's already impacting employment, relationships and the culture at large.

Why is the Trudeau government poking the anti-abortion bear?

Trudeau is now been accused of shutting down a debate that we weren't even having a month ago, and turned what might have been a minor matter on summer jobs funding into a national referendum on the government's abortion dogma. And for what?

Senator Beyak can complain about free speech all she wants. Fact is, she earned her demotion

Beyak has a higher obligation than most to scrutinize her own words: her job is expressly to offer "sober second thought," not to change the discussion to be one about free speech.

Protests change minds and shift public opinion. That's why opponents are quick to disparage them

It's polite, politically, to acknowledge the right to protest in a democracy, but that doesn't necessarily translate into real support. How we feel about protests, and their legitimacy, is often self-serving.