Revenge of the comment section: Congrats on your de facto victory in B.C., Greens

Christy Clark's Liberals squeaked out a minority win in last week's B.C. election but it was arguably the Greens who came out victorious.

The Green Party didn't win the election, of course, but it does hold the balance of power

Christy Clark's Liberals squeaked out a minority win in last week's B.C. election but it was arguably the Greens who came out victorious. (Chad Hipolito/CP)

Christy Clark's Liberals squeaked out a minority win in last week's B.C. election. The NDP took the second-most seats, but it was the Greens who arguably came out victorious, securing enough power to be the tie-breaker in the legislature. Many commenters are cautiously optimistic about the minority government, hoping it will lead to better productivity and collaboration.

A temporary government

Minority governments never last and I expect we will be having another election within six months. This is good because it will stop the Liberals putting us deeper in debt and maybe prevent some taxpayer money from being spent on telling us how wonderful they are.

Catherine Sarginson

NDP doom and gloom

It has been interesting to watch all the anti-NDP propaganda over the last 50 years. The usual pundits are always claiming gloom and doom if the NDP is elected, but in reality, there is no basis in fact for their arguments. Premier Mike Harcourt's government arguably had the best financial record of any government in B.C.

When they got elected, the business community immediately did everything they could to stifle the good work of their government and try to make them look responsible for every little problem that came along. Sadly, so many people are sucked into this void of ignorance. It seems a portion of the population in Canada is just as gullible as the Donald Trump supporters down south.

Just look at Alberta, where Premier Rachel Notley is doing an outstanding job regardless of the oil downturn (which she has no control over). Of course, all the extreme right-wingers in that province still continue to lambast her. So sad.

John Dunne

Try to get along

Co-operation? Sounds perfect to me. This partisan divisive party system should be banned. You want to be in politics? Then co-operate for the good of the country (or province).

Catherine Stoqua

A decade of nothing

This is probably the best outcome after ten years of fidgeting and succeeding at nothing.

Malcolm Alexander

Wait for it

The nature of a minority government is that it involves a lot of compromise. This can be a good thing if everyone works together and a bad thing if there is too much squabbling. Time will tell.

Jay Bearman

Green Party move

The Greens may be feeling a false sense of political clout at the moment, but if they are foolish enough to play politics with the Liberals, they will quickly learn that they don't have the power they think they do.

The Liberals will goad them into a corner, forcing them to capitulate and prop up Clark's government, or else, go back to the polls, where the Liberals will easily win a majority (they have the money), as the confused left attacks itself and splinters the vote.

In the end, I'm not entirely convinced that the Green Party has any relevance. They shared so many policies with the NDP, it was hard to find a legitimate reason to vote for them. Regardless, the only smart move at this point is for them to form a coalition with the NDP, they'll be more eager to keep the government alive. But we'll see. If they prop up the Liberals, then I will have confirmation that the Green Party as a whole is a scam, meant to fracture the left and ensure the Liberal dominance on politics and B.C.

Bob Kindle

Three-way marriage

This will be an interesting, if not volatile situation. Some of the best legislation has come from minority governments. Whether this three-way marriage will last? Green leader Andrew Weaver is key. If he plays his cards right, he will be the de facto leader.

Art Lipon

The beauty of minority governments

The Green Party holding the balance of powers will test the Liberal and NDP's abilities to make concessions. The Greens are far more aligned with the NDP and a coalition seems inevitable. That's the beauty of accountable minority governments.

Peter Haley

A lucrative coalition

The good Weaver could do if he sided with the NDP is phenomenal. It would not be as lucrative to some, but more lucrative for many. Imagine a B.C. with a green economy, a roof over everybody's head and everyone able to attain a little more dignity.

Kath Ayres

More scrutiny

I do wish there was a bit more scrutiny over the distinction between the federal Liberals and B.C. Liberals. A whole pile of former Stephen Harper staffers found refuge with Christy Clark after Justin Trudeau won, and that says a whole lot more than the provincial results to date.

Barry Davis

Holding my nose

I would have pulled for an NDP victory but for one thing — their opposition to the Trans Mountain Pipeline. Because of that it became a hold-my-nose-and-support-Clark election.

Awistoyus Nahasthay

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