Michelle Cohen

Dr. Michelle Cohen is a family physician in Brighton, Ont., and an assistant professor in the Department of Family Medicine at Queen's University. She typically blogs about health care and medical politics at Huffington Post.

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Employers should have to foot the bill for mandatory sick notes

Doctors send invoices to insurance companies or lawyers all the time for things not covered by provincial health care plans. This would be no different.

Manitoba's health minister avoids accountability on abortion by punting questions to another ministry

Status of Women Minister Rochelle Squires is the spokesperson on the file, even though abortion is health care.

Why can naturopaths mislead the public about their credentials? Because no one bothers to stop them

While New Brunswick's medical college has launched a legal challenge against several naturopaths for their false advertising, other regulators seem downright uninterested .

Goop has exploited the medical establishment's failures on women's health

We know that women often feel disenfranchised when it comes to mainstream medicine. Goop and the rest of the wellness industry has tapped into that frustration and exploited it for profit.

We shouldn't wait for national pharmacare: We need universal contraception coverage now

Why contraception specifically? Because unintended pregnancy isn't just an individual concern — it's a public health issue.

It took two years to close a cruel loophole in palliative care, even with legislative consensus. Why?

The Ministry of Health is many steps removed from the realities of front line care, and providers are often stuck fighting against nonsensical rules or looking for backdoor ways to alleviate the suffering caused by thoughtless red tape.