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Graeme Gordon is a freelance journalist writing for Loonie Politics and his blog, Raving Canuck.

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Doug Ford's detractors would be foolish to count him out of the race for Ontario

There's huge appetite for major change in Ontario. And a Harvard-educated daughter of a former prime minister and a three-time PC leadership candidate and former MPP are not exactly anti-establishment choices.

The Liberals are considering loosening the reins on charities' political spending. That is a terrible idea

Currently, a large charity can spend only 10 per cent of its budget on "non-partisan" political activity. If the government accepts the recommendations of a CRA report, charities will be allowed unlimited "non-partisan" political engagement.

Trudeau should probably stop telling desperate refugees that everyone is welcome in Canada

Trudeau isn’t just blatantly spreading falsehoods by sending that message — he’s actually enticing people to uproot their lives, throwing another wrench into an already chaotic immigration system, all based on disingenuous messaging.

Canada's government shouldn't be in the business of policing 'fake news'

Worried about the supposed scourge of "fake news" taking over the media ecosystem? Don't worry, the Liberal government is aware of the issue, and they're here to help!

Be afraid: The brains behind Ontario's energy disaster are now advising PM

Phasing out coal, a feverish pursuit of green energy, new tax regimes — where have we heard all this before?

The media keeps getting Donald Trump wrong

The mainstream press downplayed much of Trump said, even when he made legitimate points.