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Taylor C. Noakes is an independent journalist and public historian.

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50 years after major Montreal art theft, trail has gone cold and nobody's talking

Fifty years after what has been described as the biggest art heist in Canadian history, the thieves' identites remain a mystery, and nobody is keen to talk about it.

Are there any politicians left in this country interested in building the nation?

The Constitution turns 40 on April 17. It was supposed to chart a way forward from the impasses of the past, but instead has become an impasse in its own right, writes Taylor C. Noakes.

Former defence minister Paul Hellyer remembered for his love of country

Paul Theodore Hellyer, a long-serving MP and former cabinet minister, died in August weeks after suffering a head injury due to a fall.

Victims of communism memorial received donations honouring fascists, Nazi collaborators, according to website

A controversial monument being built in Ottawa to honour victims of communist regimes has received donations in honour of known fascists and Nazi collaborators, according to a list posted online by the organization spearheading the project.

OPINION | It's time to reconsider the NEP

"What’s perhaps most alarming (and ironic) about the NEP is that it effectively terminated the era of nation-building and ‘big’ federal government in Canada, even though it never had a chance to prove itself."

Why it's time to end corporate welfare for Canada's fossil fuel industry

Oil industry subsidies undermine our economy, add to the tax burden, and hinder innovation, writes Taylor Noakes.

Prince Harry and Meghan: Welcome to Canada, but pay your own bills

It's remarkable that news of Meghan, Harry and Archie's planned Brexit to Canada has really only led to a single central question about whether Canada will pay their security costs, writes Taylor Noakes.

OPINION | Expos 2.0: Is this franchise worth rebooting?

Montrealers should know it is the general consensus of academic economists, and sports economists in particular, that pro sports and large sporting events do not provide significant economic benefit, writes independent journalist Taylor C. Noakes.

Canada is poised to repeat its Olympics mistakes with a 2026 FIFA World Cup bonanza

If pro leagues are excessively demanding in terms of publicly funded infrastructure, they don't come close to what the Fédération Internationale de Football Association (FIFA) imposes on host cities for the World Cup.