Paris Marx

Paris Marx is a socialist writer and host of the Tech Won’t Save Us podcast. They also write for NBC News, Jacobin, and Tribune.

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Annamie Paul's byelection defeat marks a crossroads for Green Party

Without fresh policy and ideas to inspire support, the path to growth for the Greens appears limited, writes Paris Marx.

Water Street's pedestrian mall shouldn't just be revived, it should be permanent

This summer proved that urban spaces flourish when people can gather without having cars in the way, writes Paris Marx.

It's good that St. John's is rethinking the downtown, but its planning priorities need an overhaul

Two recent stories stand in marked contrast of the problems facing St. John's and its neighbours, writes Paris Marx, who says development goals need to be rethought with quality of life at the top of the list.
Point of View

Snowmageddon has come and gone. Let's hope metro St. John's learns the right lessons

A record-breaking snowstorm gave us a glimpse of how things could be different in St. John's, writes Paris Marx.

Liberal concessions on the environment leave the Greens and NDP battling for climate-motivated voters

The NDP has struggled since Singh took over as leader, currently sitting around 15 per cent support. The Greens, meanwhile, have momentum.  

Canada can learn from Australia's carbon pricing mistakes

Canada's Liberals and NDP would be wise to take heed of Australia's experience and back proposals like the Green New Deal with major investments in energy, infrastructure, and services for a just transition with tangible benefits.