Michael Coren

Michael Coren is an award-winning author, broadcaster and columnist, and also an ordained cleric in the Anglican Church of Canada. His next book, The Rebel Christ, will be published in October. Coren’s website is michaelcoren.com and his Twitter handle is @michaelcoren

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OPINION | 'Comfortable martyrdom' on display as churches defy government COVID-19 orders

They know that their punishments will be light, that fundraising campaigns will more than pay their fines, and that their rejection of authority appears heroic to their base, says writer and Anglican cleric Michael Coren.

Trump's conservative Christian support flows from a specific perspective on issues of church and state

Support for Trump by people of strong Christian faith is not the contradiction it may seem, writes Michael Coren.

Change can be intimidating, but that doesn't justify turning words like 'woke' into slurs

The bloodstream of the body politic is receiving a transfusion, and while a few toxins might sometimes be flowing, we’ll all likely be a lot healthier for it, writes Michael Coren.

As feds rethink MAID, remember the alternative to assisted dying isn't living - it's unassisted dying

Assisted dying isn't about encouraging death, but rather listening to someone who asks for control over their own body, writes Michael Coren.

OPINION | What the hell happened to Charles Adler?

What happens when your conscience is no longer in step with your public image? Michael Coren knows a thing or two about that.

There was never going to be a happy ending in the Alfie Evans case, but perhaps there's still a lesson learned

The NHS spent a fortune to make sure that Alfie remained alive as long as he did and received the best and most modern care available. All of this through the type of socialized medical service that many of this child's new advocates so oppose.

Exploring the origins of Christmas

In the fourth century, it was agreed to treat the birth of Christ as a holiday, but as scripture doesn't give any dates for the event — it had to be made up.

Ominous signs that the next war in the Middle East is coming, and it won't be pretty

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is under strong domestic pressure and drenched in scandal, and nothing distracts more effectively than a war against a despised enemy. Hezbollah fits that bill perfectly.

Dead man walking at 10 Downing Street: Michael Coren

Theresa May, without an overall majority, is now forced to form a working relationship — effectively an alliance — with the Democratic Unionist Party or DUP. But there are more than enough angry Tories in Westminster to make this extraordinarily difficult. This government and May's career can't have much of a future.

Here's what will happen when the U.K. heads to the polls — not much: Michael Coren

It's the election nobody wanted, being contested by people nobody cares for, likely leading to a result that nobody will be surprised about. The real business of politics begins after June 8.