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Marni Soupcoff is a Toronto-based writer, commentator and policy analyst.

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Charities are supposed to push for change. The cap on political activity made no sense

The CRA's definition of "political activities" is absurdly broad: it covers not only partisan endorsements of candidates and parties (which remain forbidden) but also includes any pursuits advocating for a change in law or government policy.

Um, no — it's not OK to shame parents for having 'too many' kids

Telling women how many is too many in terms of kids is every bit as much of an invasion of a woman's body and life as is a restriction on abortion.

Legislation banning scalper bots will cause more problems than the one it's trying to solve

Ontario first tried capping resale ticket prices almost 20 years ago with the Ticket Speculation Act, legislation that put a face-value ceiling on tickets. It promptly led to increased ticket counterfeiting and illegal ticket sales.

Silly pizza quotas for school lunches set kids up for a miserable relationship with eating

Sure, it's funny to picture Ontario educators turning into the Soup Nazi of Seinfeld fame, shouting "No pizza for you!" at terrified six-year-olds. But it's not so funny when you realize that there's a serious problem here.

If money is talking in Ottawa, it's apparently not doing so very loudly or persuasively

Yes, organizations are clearly lobbying the government on behalf of small business owners, and presumably have been for some time. But to me, this suggests that they have done a spectacularly poor job of wielding their influence, since their main constituents are being slammed with a new policy that will be very detrimental to them.

Google axing someone for mouthing off in a memo was not a smart move

A lot of women who thought the employee's memo was wrong expressed themselves forcefully and convincingly on Twitter. Perhaps giving some of these women a platform – maybe a Google town hall debate with James Damore – could have done more good for workplace culture than giving Damore a pink-slip has done.

Did the Liberals forget we have a Charter when they drafted the new impaired driving legislation?

We have Charter rights that protect us from unreasonable search and seizure. How can a mandatory breathalyzer for no good reason – or even no reason at all – not violate those rights?