Kory Teneycke

Kory Teneycke is a former director of communications for prime minister Stephen Harper. He managed the recent Ontario PC Party Campaign, and is a partner at Rubicon Strategy.

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Why federal Conservatives should be concerned about Saskatchewan's election result

Federal Conservative Party needs to pay attention to populist winds that are blowing more strongly in favour of Wexit, writes Kory Teneycke.

Advice for the opposition: Drop the drive-by smears and focus on the real questions

The weapons used to slay political corruption must be kept sharp, and dulling them unnecessarily with false accusations should be avoided at all costs, Kory Teneycke writes.

Leslyn Lewis shaping up to be the story of the Conservative leadership race

Several key factors are driving the success of this relative newcomer to Conservative Party, writes Kory Teneycke.

The rise of Wexit: Why internal party unity may soon be the least of the Conservatives' problems

The real threat to Tories comes from the sameness of the front-runners in the leadership race, not their differences, writes Kory Teneycke.

Where are the new ideas in this Conservative Party leadership race?

There's no shortage of big issues we could be talking about, but so far the candidates have been playing small ball, writes Kory Teneycke.

Scheer is a zombie Opposition leader for the zombie apocalypse

The reanimation of Andrew Scheer's career as Conservative leader has been made possible by the government's mishandling of its response to the COVID-19 crisis, writes Kory Teneycke.

Why everyone in the Conservative Party should want John Baird to run

Among other things, Baird could add some heat to a leadership race that has been lukewarm so far, writes Kory Teneycke.

It's Stephen Harper's party — and he'll do what he wants to

The Conservative Party will need to evolve, but Stephen Harper still defines it as the party leadership race heats up, writes Kory Teneycke.