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Jessica Scott-Reid is a freelance writer and animal advocate.

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Plant-based athletes should inspire the rest of us

Venus Williams, NBA star Kyrie Irving, U.S. soccer player Alex Morgan, much of the Tennessee Titans NFL team and a growing number of Olympians all thrive on plant-based diets. If they can do it, what's stopping the rest of us?

Glue traps are heinously cruel. Retailers should be banned from selling them

Regardless of arbitrary social classifications of "pet" and "pest," no animal deserves to suffer in such a way.

City shelters should strive to keep homeless people and their pets together

It is estimated that about one in 10 homeless or vulnerably housed people in Canada has a companion animal, but few shelters will accept pets.

We're outraged when dogs are kept in hot cars. Why not pigs in transport vehicles?

Though the National Animal Care Council does have recommendations regarding transport of farmed animals in extreme weather, they are merely guidelines — not law — and are vaguely worded and rarely enforced.

Throwing animals on the ice makes all sports fans look like boors

We aren't barbarians. But throwing animals on the ice — including catfish during Predators games — makes all sports fans, even those of us who oppose the practice, look dumb.

There is no justification for leaving an animal tied up alone outside

Leaving a dog tied up unattended poses great risk to both dogs and public safety: dogs can become stressed, suffer in extreme temperatures and act out in aggressive ways.

More women's shelters across Canada need to start accepting pets

Many of us can only imagine how difficult it might be to finally leave an abusive household, with nowhere to go but a shelter. Now imagine how much more difficult that would become with the added prospect of leaving a beloved pet behind.

Cat declawing should be banned in Canada. Nova Scotia could lead the way

It ethically unjustifiable to amputate an animal's body parts simply to protect humans or furniture from being scratched. Canada is past due in joining other jurisdictions in banning this cruel and unwarranted practice.

The court case against Marineland might be over, but we can still consider this saga a 'win'

The struggle to shut down these zoos using the power of the courts is still very much ongoing. But this case succeeded in keeping years-old investigations into Marineland's treatment of animals in the news.

Leaked A Dog's Purpose video shows how animal welfare takes a back seat to profit

The dog in the clip is making money for the production, at the expense of his own comfort and security. That is the definition of exploitation.