David Krayden

David Krayden has worked in print, radio and television journalism. He served in the Canadian Armed Forces as a public affairs officer and was employed for almost a decade as a communications specialist on Parliament Hill. He is currently the Ottawa Bureau Chief for The Daily Caller, a Washington-based news service.

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Canada should not proceed with the legalization of marijuana as planned

The recent confusion and ambiguity about the legalization timeline is only the latest confusion and ambiguity from the Liberals on the marijuana file.

Canada's peacekeeping mission in Africa is destined to become the folly in Mali

The Trudeau government has chosen a most inhospitable plot of land that is replete with Islamic terrorism, child soldiers, torrid temperatures and a raging civil war. Whether he sends 250 personnel or 2,500 personnel, he is sending them into quicksand.

It's tough to be the NDP when the Liberals keep encroaching on your territory

If Singh is to succeed in building the NDP into something other than a perpetual third party, he needs to find ways to undercut Trudeau. He might be able to do that on the energy file.

Trudeau may be uniquely positioned to finally sign Canada on to ballistic missile defence

Just as the lifetime anti-communist Richard Nixon could be entrusted to re-establish relations with Red China in 1972, so too can Trudeau ink a military deal with the U.S. without appearing to be a U.S. lackey

Defence procurement continues to be more about political strategy than military need

The plan was to go to Boeing to purchase new Super Hornets — the latest and vastly improved variant of the F-18s. But Boeing has become a bit of a problem for Trudeau, so we're getting some hand-me-downs from our Aussie cousins.

Trudeau's peacekeeping announcement was a whole lot of nothing

If anything, the announcement of several hundred fewer troops to be deployed... somewhere... was both an admission that there are no viable peacekeeping operations to join in this world today, and an acknowledgement that Trudeau has no plans to reboot Canada's peacekeeping operations.