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White supremacy isn't a problem just for conservatives — it's a problem for everyone

If the goal is really to end white supremacy and white nationalism — rather than score cheap political points — we should be applauding conservatives who speak out against white nationalism and white supremacy, and encouraging others to do the same.

United We Roll wasn't just about oil and gas. Scheer knew that and worked the crowd anyway

Scheer ought to have made a distinction between his support for Canadian oil workers, and support for the racism and violence that has been associated with United We Roll.

Doug Ford has shelved his own conservative values in stalling police oversight reforms

As any true conservative knows, issues of public safety and accountability are far more important than cowing to the wishes of a group of well-compensated, unionized, public sector employees.

Canada's government is clearly uninterested in finding innovative solutions to gun violence

As long as we continue to view gun ownership as a suspicious and criminal act, an approach that centres on law enforcement will always seem the most responsible.

The fight over free speech at universities comes down to the question of the purpose of higher-ed

Universities are caught in the battleground of competing expectations between affluent students who treat university as a transitional period between adolescence and adulthood, and traditionally underrepresented students, who tend to view university as both a stepping stone out of poverty and a way to support their communities.

Recent displays of white supremacy are not an anomaly

The demonstrations in Charlottesville, Va., were not indicative of a new "alt-right" trying to reclaim the United States for white people. They're part of a pattern of violent backlash that has often followed periods of greater social justice for black people, Indigenous peoples and those of other racial and religious minorities.

Renaming Ryerson University is a poor way to deal with Canada's ugly past

The demand to change the school's name comes after Prime Minister Justin Trudeau announced that Langevin Block would be renamed the "Office of the Prime Minister and Privy Council" because of Hector-Louis Langevin's involvement in the residential school system.