Allan Richarz

Allan Richarz is a privacy lawyer in Toronto.

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Mandating 'vaccination passports' for access to services, travel would be a violation of civil liberties

Such proof-of-vaccination requirements are ripe for backsliding towards discrimination and stigma, as well as creating inequitable outcomes globally, with the harms arising far outweighing the purported benefits, writes Allan Richarz.

Trump's direct engagement with North Korea is the first big idea on the file in decades

North Korea has long flummoxed successive U.S. administrations, due in no small part to the doctrinal paralysis and lack of imagination among U.S. policymakers. Perhaps, then, Trump's outreach to Kim Jong-un should not be discounted out of hand. 

Populist wins come as no surprise to those whose heads are not embedded in the sand

This week's U.S. midterm election results, in which Democrats regained control of the House but were dealt a stiff setback in the Senate, proved less a blue wave than a light misting; hardly the wholesale repudiation of President Donald Trump that some had hoped for.

Political comedy has morphed from good-natured and broadly appealing to preachy and partisan

Humour certainly evolves, but the unseemly alliance of comedians, politicians and news media now flourishing flies contrary to the anti-establishment trails blazed by generations of comedians prior.

Bureaucrats remain fixated on protecting kids from that terrifying condition known as 'childhood'

Rather than following the Japanese model and encouraging children to confidently take on new tasks, the trend in Canada is to leave them smothered and fearful.

Hey, journalists: Give the pedantic, pointless Donald Trump fact-checking a rest

Journalists need not line up to kiss the ring of the president. But the churlish impulse to fact-check Trump to an extreme ultimately harms the cause of journalism.