Adam Kassam

Adam Kassam is a Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation specialist physician who was born and raised in Toronto, Ontario. Adam received an undergraduate education from Cornell University , an MD from Dartmouth Medical School and a Master's in Public Health from Columbia University.

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Don Cherry's weaponization of poppy dangerously perverts Canada's national identity

By using his Coach's Corner pulpit to turn the poppy into a social weapon against immigrants to Canada, Don Cherry has selfishly made this Remembrance Day about him instead of the veterans.

Pharmacare in Canada remains an idealistic pitch, without a realistic plan

As a public policy, the key to national pharmacare will be integration, as evidenced by other countries with a universal health care system. The reality is that Canada doesn't have one national health care system, but a patchwork of different private-public mixes.

Wynne is offering solutions to health care problems her government created

Three years ago, her government cut residency spots. Now she's promising cash for new ones

Why should physicians give up pay raises to subsidize government waste?

It's noble that some Quebec doctors want to forgo pay bumps. By why can't both the system be properly funded and physicians receive the compensation they deserve?

Canada's public health care system relies an awful lot on private money

A large proportion of the medical infrastructure and innovation in this country has been made possible by significant contributions of the donor communities. In a country that prides itself on a publicly funded health care model, this should not even be necessary.

Bernie Sanders's acclaim for Canadian health care obscures our system's many deficiencies

The problem with basking in this praise from a high-profile American politician is that it distracts from the fact that there is still much work to be done.