From race riots in Charlotte to the runway in Milan, here's the week in pictures

The shooting death of a black man in North Carolina sparked days of racially charged riots, the Standing Rock tribe took its pipeline protest to the UN, and Fashion Week got underway in London and Milan. Here are top shots from around the world for Sept. 10-22.

Top photos from around the world for Sept 10-23

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A police shooting in North Carolina sparked days of racially charged riots.

Keith Scott, a 43-year-old father of seven, was shot dead by a police officer in the parking lot of an apartment complex in Charlotte, N.C., on Tuesday, sparking two nights of street violence.

Scott's death was the latest in a long string of controversial police killings of black people by U.S. police that have stirred an intense debate on race and justice. Video showing the moments leading up to the shooting was released on Friday.

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Life-jackets worn by refugees cover the lawn outside British parliament. 

Some 2,500 life-jackets collected from Turkey and Greece were spread out on the lawn of Parliament Square, in London, this week as a demonstration meant to urge British lawmakers to take in more refugees.

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The Standing Rock Sioux took their pipeline protest to the UN. 

Standing Rock chairman Dave Archambault took his tribe's #NoDAPL pipeline protest from North Dakota to Geneva on Tuesday. He spoke during a meeting of the UN Human Rights Council and called on the international community to stop the Dakota Access Pipeline from running across the tribe's sacred territory.

The protest is centred on an encampment near the Standing Rock Indian Reservation in North Dakota and has drawn thousands of supporters, including many Canadian First Nations members and Neil Young, who released a protest song this week.

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The devil is in the details when it comes to high fashion. 

Its Fashion Week in Milan and London, where Cara Delevingne stomped the runway in Burberry while Italian design house Prada showed off its latest shoes.

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Putin's party won a majority in Russia's parliamentary elections.

Russian President Vladimir Putin's United Russia party won a resounding majority in an election the Economist reported saw the lowest voter turnout in Russian history, with 48 per cent. Here's a voter showing her passport at the gates of the Russian embassy in Kyiv, Ukraine, on election day.

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The U.S. get-out-the-vote campaign went abroad.

This campaigner urging Americans living abroad to register (and vote) was aboard a double decker bus adorned with "Stop Trump" messages in London this week.

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Meanwhile, in Germany and France…

The world championship of pacifier spitting was held in Nidderau, near Frankfurt, this week while moviegoers in Strasbourg, France, enjoyed a screening of Jaws at a public bath.

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Thursday was the 1st day of fall.

This is what the sunset looked like at the French commune of Pietrosella, on the southern part of Corsica, on first day of fall.

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