Moncton shooting: Witness Michelle Thibodeau describes suspect's arrest

Moncton resident Michelle Thibodeau described to CBC News early Friday how police officers swarmed her backyard and arrested Justin Bourque, the man accused of killing three Mounties, whom she said came out with his hands up and said 'I'm done.'

Moncton woman takes to Twitter to describe suspected gunman's arrest in her backyard

Witness to Justin Bourque arrest

8 years ago
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Moncton resident Michelle Thibodeau describes dramatic arrest

Moncton resident Michelle Thibodeau described to CBC News early Friday how she watched as suspected shooter Justin Bourque surrendered to police, putting his hands up and saying, "I'm done."

Thibodeau said Emergency Response Team (ERT) trucks and police cars had been driving slowly along her street, Mecca Drive, all evening. Then suddenly, one ERT vehicle stopped and unloaded several officers, who moved into her backyard, she said.

Bourque, whom police allege shot and killed three Mounties and injured two others, emerged from a patch of trees at the bottom of the yard, she said. 

"Justin came out with his hands up, and he said, 'I’m done,'" Thibodeau said.

Thibodeau, an actress and singer, said she watched the dramatic arrest with her family. She had only been allowed to return to her north Moncton home Thursday after the shooting and subsequent lockdown of the neighbourhood forced her to spend Wednesday night at her grandmother's house across town.

She posted multiple descriptions of the arrest on her Twitter feed. In one, she wrote, "He was in my backyard. I saw him arrested in front of my eyes. He is alive. Thank you #RCMPNB."

Her posts have since been re-tweeted thousands of times by people eagerly awaiting details of the arrest. 

Thibodeau said Bourque was dripping wet — likely from the rain that was falling in the city at the time of his arrest— and that he appeared to be wearing the same camouflage clothing he was photographed in on Wednesday. 

Thibodeau said it was a "scary situation" but praised the way police handled the arrest.