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Zero-tolerance policies aimed at stopping bullying not working, experts say

The shocking death of a 14-year-old Ontario boy who was stabbed outside his high school raises questions about the effectiveness of the anti-bullying campaigns that have gained prominence in Canada in recent years, those with expertise in the matter said Thursday.

Anti-carbon-tax stickers falling off gas pumps, Ford vows to fix the problem

The anti-carbon-tax stickers, which gas stations are required by law to post on their pumps, were produced using the wrong adhesive and are falling off.

Education workers vote 93% in favour of strike mandate, could walk off job by month's end

A major union representing education workers in Ontario says 93 per cent its members have voted overwhelmingly in favour of a potential strike that could take effect by the end of the month.

New study shows spike in violent incidents in Ontario's elementary schools

A study from the University of Ottawa suggests there has been a sharp increase in the level of violence teachers face while working in Ontario's elementary schools.

Financial literacy classes welcomed in schools, experts suggests courses start sooner

The Canadian Foundation for Economic Education says high school students want courses in financial literacy.

GTA seniors delaying downsizing, putting housing squeeze on younger people: study

A growing trend among Toronto-area seniors to delay downsizing efforts and remain in their homes for longer could indicate future housing pressures for younger generations, a new report said Thursday.

Petition calls for fines for people who complain to 911 about Amber Alerts

A Toronto woman is calling on the Ontario government to levy fines against people who call emergency dispatchers to complain about broadcasts of Amber Alerts.

University of Waterloo study finds men and women have similar issues regarding sex

University of Waterloo research suggests men and women are on the same wavelength when it comes to problems in their sex lives. Frequency of sex was the most pressing concern, followed closely by initiation of sex and showing interest in sex with their partner.

Court dismisses latest Oberlander effort to fight stripping of citizenship

95-year-old Helmut Oberlander, who has had his citizenship revoked several times for lying about his membership in a Second World War Nazi death squad has lost yet another bid to have his case revisited.

Notley is 7th female Canadian premier turfed from office in 6 years

The gradual disappearance of women from the ranks of Canada's premiers raises questions about society's willingness to embrace true equality, former female leaders and political pundits said Wednesday.

Systemic sexism case at Waterloo regional police heads for Ontario's top court

A group of current and former officers alleging systemic sexism in a southern Ontario police force is asking the province's top court to allow them to pursue a proposed class-action lawsuit.

City approves demolition of home where Honey and Barry Sherman were killed

The family of Honey and Barry Sherman say the home where they were killed has been vacant since they died and no one would buy the residence.

Ontario nowhere near goal of full accessibility by 2025, review finds

A former Ontario lieutenant-governor tasked with reviewing the disability legislation says the province is nowhere near meeting its stated goal of full accessibility by 2025.

People with developmental disabilities in Ontario more likely to die young, report suggests

Adults with developmental disabilities continue to consistently have poorer health outcomes across the board compared to other adults, according to an Ontario report.

What does the court decision quashing Ontario's council-cutting move mean?

Here are the highlights from the decision and what it means for the Oct. 22 municipal vote.