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Melanie Glanz is a producer in the Health Unit at CBC News.

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Black Canadians get sick more from COVID-19. Scientists aim to find out why

Race-based data shows that Black Canadians are far more likely to get sick and be hospitalized for COVID-19 than other ethnic groups. A new study looking at antibodies in the blood of Black Canadians aims to understand the reasons in an effort to reduce the impact of the disease on Black communities.

Pediatric allergist traces 'mystery' reactions to pea protein — an increasingly popular ingredient

Doctors have discovered that people with peanut allergy can also be triggered by an unexpected source: pea protein.

Robot-assisted surgery widely embraced, but 'newer doesn't always mean better,' experts warn

Robotic arms often allow surgeons to make smaller, more precise incisions, but experts say for some procedures, questions remain about whether they improve safety and outcomes for patients.

Power of the pooch: Dogs ease kids' anxiety before medical scans

Dogs are offering help at two Toronto hospitals to fearful children who need to get into an MRI machine and adult patients who have anxiety and depression.

How one Canadian food court eliminated 117 bags of garbage a day

A food court in Toronto has cut the amount of garbage it produced from 120 bags a day to just three. Here’s how they did it, and what other fast food vendors, food courts and their customers can do to cut back on fast food waste.
Second Opinion

The first test-tube baby turns 40

Who is Louise Brown and why should we care that she's turning 40? She was the first baby conceived using in vitro fertilization, a procedure that has become the cornerstone of fertility treatment.

Donor-conceived people are tracking down their biological fathers, even if they want to hide

Sperm donors promised anonymity decades ago are being tracked down and contacted by their children. DNA tests and the internet have all but put an end to anonymity for sperm donors and secrecy for parents.

Toronto boy's DNA reveals mysterious new disease — and possible cure

Daniel Nevins-Selvadurai's painful symptoms baffled doctors at Toronto's Hospital for Sick Children for years.

Chemotherapy drug shortage delays treatment north of Toronto

Cancer patients at a hospital north of Toronto have had their treatments delayed because of a drug shortage.

'People are dying': Life-saving opioid antidote hard to find

Naloxone can reverse the effects of an opioid overdose and save a person's life. The trouble is it's still hard to find in Canada.

People with Down syndrome answer uncomfortable questions

Down Syndrome Answers is a series of 40 YouTube videos featuring people with the syndrome and their families answering common and sometimes uncomfortable questions about living with the developmental disability.

Opioid withdrawal in Ontario newborns way up over 20 years

The number of newborns suffering from opioid withdrawal in Ontario has increased 15-fold over the last 20 years, according to researchers at a Toronto hospital.