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Meegan Read is a producer with CBC's Western Business Unit. She's been with CBC Radio, television and online for 20 years. You can follow on twitter @meeganreadcbc, but she mostly tweets about her favourite tv shows.

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Husky Energy announces layoffs

Months after revealing plans to cut its capital spending, Calgary-based Husky Energy announced Tuesday that it's also reducing its workforce, but did not say by how much.

Lime and Bird popularity creating demand for e-scooter sales

Some shops that sell e-scooters haven't had to advertise, since ride-sharing companies like Bird and Lime are building consumer awareness by allowing people to try them out as rentals.

Come join the fun as the CBC Calgary Food Bank Drive officially kicks off

The annual CBC Calgary Food Bank Drive officially kicked off Friday with lots of fun events to help raise $1 million before Christmas Eve — help that the food bank predicts it may need even more than in other years.

Airlines, trucking industry face sharp rise in fuel prices

A new regulation targeting the international marine shipping industry could have a widespread impact on the economy, including the price of airline tickets and diesel at the pump.

Q&A: What a Bay Street star says it will take to boost women's ranks in finance industry

For 25 years, Camilla Sutton has been a mover and a shaker on Bay Street. In January, she became president and chief executive officer of Women in Capital Markets, tasked with improving the role of women in Canada's finance industry — no small feat. Sutton recently sat down with CBC to chat about her new role.

Calgary mother recalls making that hard call for help as CBC Calgary launches Food Bank Drive

The beginning of December marks the official start of the annual CBC Calgary Food Bank Drive. One Calgary mother spoke to CBC about how making the call to the food bank is the best decision she's ever made.

Kirstine Stewart shares tips on pitching to business, in conversation with Arlene Dickinson

In our final episode, Arlene and Kirstine Stewart, chief strategy officer at Diply Canada, discuss the importance of developing partnerships with people and businesses. They also chat about what a "good pitch" looks like.

Terry O'Reilly reveals his 'fist slam' moment in conversation with Arlene Dickinson

Terry O'Reilly, host of CBC's Under The Influence, talks to Arlene Dickinson about the importance of marketing when it comes to branding a business.They also discuss what the best approach is when it comes to entrepreneurs using social media.

How Christine Magee became the face of Sleep Country Canada: A conversation with Arlene Dickinson

Christine Magee, president and co-founder of Sleep Country Canada, talks to Arlene Dickinson about what it was like when she walked away from a secure day job to pursue her dream — and just how well she sleeps at night.

Venturing Out with Arlene Dickinson and her guest Diana Olsen

Arlene chats with Diana Olsen, CEO and founder of Balzac Coffee and also a winner from Season 6 of CBC's Dragons' Den. They talk about what its like to be a successful entrepreneur while being a single mother.

Venturing Out with Arlene Dickinson and her guest Matthew Corrin

Arlene chats with Matthew Corrin, founder and CEO of Freshii. He not only had a vision but also the drive to turn an idea he had when he was 23 into a major international business with locations in more than 15 countries today.

Venturing Out with Arlene Dickinson and guest Dino Trevisani

Arlene chats with Dino Trevisani, president of IBM Canada, about how entrepreneurialism shapes his approach to business and how entrepreneurs should approach building a business. Arlene and Dino also share some anecdotes guaranteed to make you smile.

Venturing Out with Arlene Dickinson and Jann Arden

Arlene Dickinson is getting all the secrets behind some of Canada's biggest entrepreneurs. This episode she speaks to longtime friend Jann Arden about branding in the music industry.

Car dealerships could be out of business within a decade, says report

The time-honoured tradition of buying a shiny new sports car or a chrome-lined pickup truck from a lot may no longer exist a decade from now, according to a new report that paints a bleak future for auto dealerships in North America.

United and Pepsi face the withering glare of the internet

Within the space of a week, two public relations disasters struck two different corporations. And while one company peddles soda pop and the other sells airplane rides, it turns out they both have the same Achilles heel — social media.