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Matthew Kupfer has been a reporter and producer at CBC News since 2012. He can be reached at and on Twitter @matthewkupfer

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Parents pan OCDSB plan to bring students back 2 days per week

Some parents with children in the Ottawa-Carleton District School Board are slamming the public board's proposal to have students in classrooms for just two days a week.   

Mediation program for Ottawa Community Housing tenants out of money

A conflict resolution pilot project at three Ottawa Community Housing locations is running out of money despite its success in helping residents resolve their problems without formal intervention.

Family doctors turn to charity, other businesses to address PPE shortage

The measures come as Ontario physicians report a spike in the costs of masks, gowns and face shields — all needed for face-to-face visits during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Med school final exam plagued with technical issues after moving online due to COVID-19

Fourth-year medical students across Canada are reporting stress and 'agony' as the major standardized test that marks their transition from med school to residency has faced technical and communication problems.

Community council backs police 'transformation,' but seeks clarity

The co-chair of a community-based consultative committee that provides advice to the Ottawa Police Service says it wants to see a "transformation" to end systemic racism within the force's ranks, but first wants input from the community on how that would work.

Parham church reduced to rubble after terrifying night

The St. James Anglican Church has been reduced to its front entrance, but community leaders say its congregation will give each other strength after a fire that's been deemed an arson shocked the community.

Thousands expected for Friday's march against racism

Organizers of a Friday march through downtown Ottawa say they are expecting thousands of people to join them in denouncing anti-black racism and police brutality.  

Demonstrators against anti-black racism urged to practise COVID-19 safety

Ottawa Public Health and people involved in planning Friday's "No Peace Until Justice" march are encouraging participants to wear masks and practise physical distancing at the gathering.

Ottawa police member charged in relation to 'racist' meme

Ottawa's police chief says a member of the service has been charged in relation to the creation and distribution of a meme he previously denounced as 'racist.'

Why eastern Ontario could reopen before other regions

Some services and activities in eastern Ontario may be able to reopen sooner than the rest of the province if the government takes a regional approach to lifting COVID-19 restrictions.

Orléans family medicine clinic says it's closing due to financial strain of COVID-19

An Orléans family medicine and walk-in clinic says its closing its doors at the end of this week due in part to the financial strain the COVID-19 pandemic has put on its finances.

No pomp or ceremony for class of 2020, only uncertainty

Grade 12 students in Ottawa are grappling with the realization that their high school classroom experience is over and their immediate future uncertain thanks to the coronavirus pandemic.

No such thing as business as usual as retailers reopen

Ottawa retailers are finding their own definition of business as usual as their stores reopened to customers Tuesday for the first time since the COVID-19 lockdown began in mid-March.

Parents turning to police for help with teens during lockdown

Police and youth workers in Ottawa say they've seen an increase in calls about disputes between teens and their parents during the COVID-19 lockdown. 

Bolster drug program to curb petty crime during pandemic, councillor urges

With petty crime on the rise since the arrival of COVID-19, an Ottawa city councillor is calling for the expansion of a program that provides people addicted to opioids with a safe supply of drugs.