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Matt Kwong is a Washington-based correspondent for CBC News. He previously reported for CBC News as an online journalist in New York and Toronto. You can follow him on Twitter at: @matt_kwong

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When Trudeau sought to free 2 Canadians, 'Beijing had no time' for him. Will Trump?

With Justin Trudeau’s calls for the release of two detained Canadians in China going unheeded by one superpower, the Canadian prime minister is seeking help from another. Whether the U.S. is willing to come to Canada's aid may depend on its own multi-pronged conflict with Beijing.

Sarah Sanders to leave White House — after virtually eliminating daily press briefings

White House press secretary Sarah Sanders, who is leaving her post, became one of the president's most visible protectors. But she may have also encouraged the demise of the White House press briefing, critics say, and lost the trust of the press corps.

If the Raptors pull off an NBA championship, would Canada's team get a White House welcome?

Would the most famous residence in the United States preserve tradition by opening its doors to the NBA champions, even if the winners are a Canadian team? Six experts on presidential protocol and White House event planning weigh in.

From Warren to Trump, how Big Tech became 'fashionable to hate' in Washington

Big Tech has become a big target on Capitol Hill. The shots have come recently not just from U.S. President Donald Trump and his Republican compatriots, but also from the likes of Democratic Sen. Elizabeth Warren and disillusioned liberals.

'Anything but tariffs': How Republican senators found rare occasion to defy Trump

Although Senate Republicans have, for the most part, backed U.S. President Donald Trump throughout scandals and investigations dogging his presidency, the prospect of supporting his proposed tariffs on all goods from Mexico appears to be a bridge too far.

'Wait — Toronto has a basketball team?' The woes of being a Raptors fan in parts of the U.S.

The Raptors are Canada's must-see team, setting ratings records at home. But the NBA team still has an oft-dismissed status south of the border, where it can be a challenge in some U.S. markets to even find a bar willing to put the games on with volume.

What's behind Trump's spying claim and his AG's new powers to investigate

U.S. President Donald Trump has empowered Attorney General William Barr with new, broader authorities to investigate Trump's claim that U.S. intelligence agencies engaged in treasonous "spying" on his 2016 election campaign.

'I don't do coverups': Trump's threat to refuse policy talks could move him closer to impeachment

U.S. President Donald Trump's attempts to stonewall Democratic investigations against him entered a new phase Wednesday, as the president issued an ultimatum: Stop the investigations, or he'll stop negotiating on policy.

U.S. anti-abortion activists once 'chipped away' at Roe vs. Wade — now they've picked up a sledgehammer

The anti-abortion movement is hitting an aggressive new stride in the United States. Whether it breaks into a sprint toward the Supreme Court is worrying reproductive rights activists amid a renewed push to reverse the long-standing precedent that legalized abortions.

'Like Christmas every day': A billionaire's pledge to erase this class's college debts could echo for decades

Morehouse College, the private, all-male, historically black college in Atlanta that counts Martin Luther King among its alumni, expects its attendees to aspire to greatness. Now, many in the graduating class of 2019 can do so immediately, no matter the cost.

John Bolton, the Saudis and the hawkish forces pushing the White House toward a war with Iran

The U.S. appears to be inching dangerously close to a conflict with Iran. Matt Kwong looks at the advisers and allies who may be encouraging the escalation.

What Democrats running in 2020 have to gain in the 'lion's den' of a Fox News town hall

Fox News might be considered an adversarial platform for Democrats. But in the battle for broad support in a media landscape walled off by political tribalism, a case could be made for candidates to vault those barriers to reach the biggest TV news audience in the land.
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What's the U.S.-China trade war all about?

How did the trade war between the U.S. and China begin? What happens next? And how will it affect Canadians? CBC explains.

Why U.S. military intervention in Venezuela is 'possible' — but improbable

U.S. military intervention in Venuzuela is highly unlikely, say Latin America scholars. They cite the risks of entering a protracted conflict, igniting a civil war, angering Venezuelans seeking self-determination, and drawing international condemnation.

'Run, hide, fight': A grim creed for U.S. synagogues as extremist attacks rise

Enter a modern Jewish temple in some U.S. cities today and it might carry features found in a high-tech fortress, as new statistics show a surge in anti-Semitic attacks following another a deadly shooting targeting Jews at a synagogue last weekend. Other religious communities are also facing fears over extremism.