Tracking stolen cars

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Car Theft: Tracking where stolen cars end up

1 year ago
Duration 22:35
Marketplace follows a trail of stolen cars to West Africa, demands accountability from car manufacturers, and reveals a list of top stolen cars. Correction: The original broadcast of this story on March 25, 2022 showed a brief visual of Banix Motors, a car dealership in Lagos, Nigeria. The visual was inadvertently used in a segment that discusses how some stolen vehicles from Canada are being resold overseas. That visual has since been removed. Banix Motors have indicated that they have never been associated with the sale of stolen vehicles from Canada and CBC never intended to associate Banix Motors with our investigation.

Cars stolen from driveways and shopping malls in Canada are ending up overseas. We reveal how quick and easy it is for thieves to make off with vehicles using inexpensive tools and ask why carmakers aren't doing more to enhance security.

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