Testing Hello Fresh, Chef's Plate, Goodfood, and Instacart

More information on Marketplace's investigation

More information on Marketplace's investigation

Delivery deal or real rip-off?

4 months ago
Duration 22:30
Investigating hidden mark-ups and missed sales on Instacart, plus testing HelloFresh, Chefs Plate, and Goodfood.

If you check receipts, you'll know grocery delivery services often charge a service or delivery fee, but did you know you're also paying more for essentials, such as bread, milk and butter?

Marketplace reveals the hidden markups on grocery items that could be in your next Instacart delivery. We're also putting some of the biggest meal delivery companies to the test to find out what gets recycled and what gets tossed. Are the recycling claims as green as they look or just greenwashing?

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