Danger in your salad; Bank investigator scam

Watch our full investigation anytime on CBC Gem.

Watch our full investigation anytime on CBC Gem.

Danger in Your Salad | Bank Investigator Scam

2 years ago
Duration 22:30
Investigating why leafy green outbreaks are on the rise; Indian police shut down scam centres but now they're back and a whistleblower reveals how the latest phone fraud works.

It's one of the latest phone scams targeting Canadians.

Imposters are posing as bank investigators asking for your help and money.

We're back in India to learn how scammers are using the pandemic to their advantage, and how many are risking their health to target Canadians. We hear from a whistleblower who tells us just how easy it is to run the scam centre.

Plus: Canada has been hit by a number of romaine lettuce recalls. We set out to the U.S., where the majority of our leafy greens come from, to dig up why E. coli outbreaks keep happening.

Our investigation also brings us to one B.C. family whose lives have been forever changed by a contaminated salad.

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