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Margaret Gallagher is the reporter for On the Coast and the host of Hot Air on CBC Radio One.

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Free 'nature therapy' offered to pandemic-stressed health-care workers

The B.C. Parks Foundation is offering free guided "nature therapy" sessions to health-care workers to help ease pandemic-related stress and has launched a fundraising campaign to help pay for the sessions.

'Seder in a Box' nourishes Jewish tradition during COVID-19 Crisis

Congregation Schara Tzedeck has expanding their "Seder in Box" delivery program to include seniors who are physically distancing. Since Passover is such an important holiday in the Jewish community and they don't want anyone to be without the special food and sense of connection.

Struggle to find childcare for B.C.'s essential-service staff highlights fears over sector's future

Childcare providers are struggling to meet the needs of essential-service families amid layoffs and increased health and safety precautions. Many are now concerned about their long-term survival as the COVID-19 pandemic continues.

Kids in the time of COVID-19

Vancouver kids share their thoughts on coping with isolation and passing the time in the era of COVID-19.

Welcoming the Year of the Rat in Vancouver's changing Chinatown

On the Coast spent the week in Chinatown to find out how people are preparing for the arrival of the Lunar New Year in a fast-changing neighbourhood.

Cord blood bank for premature babies makes life-saving research gains in first year

B.C. Women's Preemie Biobank has already made significant research gains since it opened last August, but wants more cord blood donors to help fuel life-saving research to help preterm babies, like Toby and Leo Donkin.

New in town: Metro Vancouver still draws newcomers, despite high cost of housing

Despite the high cost of housing, newcomers still flock to Vancouver as a gateway city. They come for love, for work a better quality of life. But they don't necessarily expect to buy a house.

Bold coyote sparks alarm in Vancouver neighbourhood

A bold coyote has been spotted at all times of the day in Vancouver's Mount Pleasant neighbourhood and shows no fear of people, which has parents and pet owners increasingly concerned.

The trouble with Harry: Rec centre's fate cause for debate in North Van election

City of North Vancouver mayoral candidates disagree on the best way to rebuild and finance the aging Harry Jerome Recreation Centre, despite a proposal from the outgoing council to lease the land to a developer in exchange for funds to build a replacement.

Housing, homelessness and a history of discrimination come together at 1 Vancouver intersection

At the corner of Union and Gore, a number of homeless campers ares growing on a site that was once a key part of Vancouver's black community. As the city moves forward on housing at that location, community advocates want to see mistakes of the past avoided.

Delta compost facility causing a stink in civic election

Delta's handling of an East Ladner compost facility is causing a stink in the city's mayoral race, as strong odours plague nearby residents.

Voters to help decide future of Port Moody development

Port Moody voters will help decide the future of two city-owned properties in a referendum ballot in the Oct. 20 municipal election.

Hot Air's picks for 2018 Vancouver Jazz Fest

Hot Air host Margaret Gallagher share some picks for this year's festival

'He so knew how to express love:' remembering Jim Heiberg

Jim Heiberg's journey from the streets of Vancouver to finally finding a home in the last years of his life can teach us a lot about understanding homelessness and the importance of community and love, says Pastor Bob Swann and homelessness advocate Judy Graves.

Licensed, unlicensed: how effective are Vancouver's dispensary bylaws?

It's been nearly two years since the City of Vancouver ordered unlicensed dispensaries to shut down or face legal consequences and, while some have paid the $30,000 licensing fee, many more continue to operate outside the rules.