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Malone Mullin reports for all platforms in St. John's. She previously worked on the web desk at CBC Toronto and CBC Vancouver.

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Daniel Leonard acquitted of 1st-degree murder in Dale Porter's death

Daniel Leonard's defence lawyers asked for an acquittal Tuesday morning in court, and the judge agreed.

Slew of recent headlines sparks rally for sex assault survivors

Recent news of retrials, and the arrest of a sex offender last month, has prompted survivors and allies to call for justice.

Judges make mistakes. Is there a way complainants don't have to pay for them?

Smoldering outrage a week after the mistrial of police officer Doug Snelgrove has advocates demanding change in Newfoundland and Labrador courtrooms, writes Malone Mullin.

Doug Snelgrove mistrial 'has nothing to do with justice,' advocates say

As the province awaited a verdict, the unthinkable happened for women's advocates: the possibility of a third trial for the same sexual assault case.

Jury sequestered to decide fate of police officer Doug Snelgrove in sexual assault trial

Snelgrove had previously been acquitted of sexual assault, but new instructions ask them to consider his position of power as a police officer.

Complainant initiated all acts, accused cop tells sexual assault trial

RNC Const. Doug Snelgrove testified Tuesday that the complainant seemed sober and engaged, consented to all physical contact and made the first move.

Woman accusing constable of rape delayed reporting, feared police wouldn't believe her

The complainant in the retrial of Royal Newfoundland Constabulary officer Doug Snelgrove testified Thursday.

Doug Snelgrove trial back on track after sheriffs snag passersby to restock jury

Justice Garrett Handrigan granted last-minute exemptions for some of the jury members that had been selected.

Have you seen this weather station? Volunteer left stunned after brazen backyard theft

Kelly Butt surveys Newfoundland weather on his own time and dime. After a backyard theft, he's been stripped of that ability.

Air ambulance delays causing mistrust and grief for N.L. residents

Stories of long waits for the province's medevac flights are surfacing as one Labrador woman rallies patients.

Innu Nation filing human rights complaint against Ottawa for causing 'suffering of the worst kind'

A lawyer representing Innu Nation says the federal government is making minimal effort to prevent Innu children from ending up in foster care and group homes.

Labrador couple rescue float plane survivors following Canada Day crash

"All you could hear was the crash of metal crushing," said one of the spectators whose quick actions are credited with helping survivors walk away with only minor injuries.

Cleanup of Postville fuel slick continues as oil 'fingerprinting' could help point to culprit

The source of a 3,000-litre sheen that appeared off the Labrador coast Monday still has investigators stumped.

Mysterious diesel slick greasing Postville shore didn't come from land: officials

Officials are now certain the 13-square kilometre diesel slick that appeared off the Labrador coast Monday was a marine-based leak.

N.L. eyeing safe drug sites as pandemic spawns 'lethal combination' of risks

Front-line workers are taking the first step to creating secure sites where people can use heroin, cocaine and other substances under supervision.