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Malone Mullin reports for all platforms in St. John's. She previously worked on the web desk at CBC Toronto and CBC Vancouver.

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Fiery debate over massage parlours dominates St. John's public meeting

As the city prepares to welcome applications for massage parlours after a four-year ban, opinions continue to flare.

She spent 25 years inside Her Majesty's Pen. This is why she had to leave

Former corrections officer Lisa Snook describes a toxic culture of harassment, particularly against female staff, inside the prison in a new documentary.

Witchy Prostitute No. 3, and other roles women say it's time to change

What's it like being a woman playing a character written by a man? Often dehumanizing, according to these filmmakers.

Hollywood Rock? N.L. filmmakers say recent boom means they're not going anywhere

There's no need to move to Toronto or L.A. if you're looking for a career making movies, these filmmakers say.

Gender politics on stage became a 'bit of a nightmare' for this actor

A couple of uncomfortable experiences on stage left screenwriter Lucy Hill wanting to show how gender politics can take a turn for the worst.

In a tale of grief and dying outports, St. John's filmmaker nods to banshee lore

Wanda Nolan embraces the macabre in her chilling short film, premiering Sunday.

Has N.L. hit peak beer? Brewers struggle as ACOA funding dries up

A startup brewery in Baie Verte says federal loan agencies are stepping back from the province's rapidly growing microbrewery scene, stalling further growth.

Nunatsiavut, province meet over Labrador ferry dispute

As the Kamutik W remains stranded — and along with it, its cargo and crew — in Rigolet, the province and the Inuit government try to find solutions to delays on the north coast ferry route.

Bullies told me to drink bleach and harassed me, says Carbonear student

Alex Mercer says he is being targeted by bullies at his high school, but says his principal is shrugging off the harassment.

The rest of Canada is booming. Why is N.L.'s population falling behind?

Statistics Canada thinks Newfoundland and Labrador will be the country's only province to see a population decline in the next 20 years, losing up to 90,000 people.

He thought he was seeing his bride in her dress for the first time. He wasn't

Mark Kenny fell victim to a hilarious prank, courtesy of his wife-to-be and best man. (He took it well.)

Petty Harbour gets 24-space lot to remedy parking woes

A crush of cars are clogging up the tiny Avalon town, a popular destination during the summer, but a new parking lot could help alleviate the traffic snarl.

Bell Island's water looks like 'chocolate,' and residents are fed up

While the mayor says the tap water is technically safe to drink, even he doesn't want to — and a permanent fix could be years away.

With urban Indigenous population booming in N.L., new group tackling demographic challenges

St. John's has the fastest-growing urban Indigenous population in the entire country, and groups are pulling together to figure out how to serve the demographic's distinct needs.

Downtown heritage-area developments for Anglican diocese causing a stir in St. John's

Some residents are concerned that two project proposals for the Anglican diocese for modernized buildings and condos could change historic sites in the capital.