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Lucas Powers is a Toronto-based reporter and writer. He's reported for CBC News from across Canada. Have a story to tell? Email any time.

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Former cabinet minister Steven Del Duca elected new Ontario Liberal leader

The beleaguered Ontario Liberals have chosen Steven Del Duca to replace former premier Kathleen Wynne and lead the party as it rebuilds from a catastrophic election defeat two years ago.

What you need to know as Ontario Liberals choose a new leader after 2018 election blowout

Ontario's beleaguered Liberals will choose a new leader today as the party looks to rebound from a devastating election and rebuild ahead of the next one in 2022.

No answers from company after pricey exercise bike breaks, leaving Toronto man badly cut

Devon Allistone says a faulty pedal on a six-month-old, $1,500 bike left him with a "giant gash" on his right leg, and his multiple attempts to discuss the injury with the U.S.-based Echelon have been unsuccessful.

'I don't know how long people can last': Quarantined cruise ship passengers confined to cabins

"We have no window. We have no daylight. They haven't let us out yet for fresh air," said Lana Chan, who's staying with a friend in a 180-square foot interior cabin.

Toronto shoemaker crafting custom footwear for Hollywood's biggest hits

You've likely seen Jeff Churchill's handiwork all over big and little screens, or perhaps at a musical or live performance. From his workshop in Parkdale, Churchill crafts some of the most exclusive bespoke footwear in the world.

Sharp rise in no-fault eviction applications for renters in Toronto, new report says

Since the 2015-2016 fiscal year, there has been an 84 per cent increase in private landlord's seeking evictions to reclaim a property for their own personal use, and a 294 per cent jump in applications for so-called "renovictions."

Greens' historic eastern win undermined by western disappointments

The federal Greens established a historic foothold in Atlantic Canada on Monday night, but the party's attempt at a countrywide breakthrough didn't materialize.

Canada needs an infrastructure overhaul. Can any federal party get it done?

Ambitious infrastructure promises make for good campaign fodder, but recent history suggests that the politicization of the planning process has become a major hurdle to getting projects done.

Is Andrew Scheer really promising a tax cut of $50K for millionaires?

Wealthy owners of private corporations would surely benefit from some of the Conservatives' tax proposals. But the Liberals are oversimplifying a complex issue.

Trudeau, Ford and the complicated politics of transit in Toronto

It has been a wild year for transit planning in Toronto, partly because Ontario Premier Doug Ford unilaterally announced a nearly $30-billion package of proposals.

Federal party leaders' claims from the English-language debate

A round up of fact checks on some of the most notable claims made during the debate.

Scheer's claim about penalties for violent gang crime 'extremely misleading,' says lawyer

Liberal government legislation changed how prosecutors can pursue alleged gang members who commit violent crimes. But that doesn't mean they're getting off easier, lawyers say.

Singh's claim that Liberal trade concessions will drive up drug prices oversimplified

If the Canada-United States-Mexico Agreement on trade is ratified, the cost of some drugs could be high for longer periods. But the truth is complicated.

Trudeau's municipal handgun ban promise leaves key questions unanswered

What would municipal handgun bans accomplish and how would they work? These questions persist after Liberal Leader Justin Trudeau pushed gun control to the fore of his campaign again this week.

Would the Liberals' climate plan really add 31 cents to pump prices?

The claim that the Liberals' climate strategy will drive up the cost of driving is a cornerstone of the Conservatives' election message. How accurate are the Conservatives' claims?