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City of Hamilton to lobby province, feds to implement paid sick leave during pandemic

The City of Hamilton will lobby the provincial and federal governments to legislate paid sick leave for workers during the pandemic. 

21 COVID-19 cases in Hamilton 'screened positive' as variants, but need confirmation

The City of Hamilton will start reporting on suspected variants after 21 cases in Hamilton have "screened" positive, but only one has been officially confirmed. 

Canada's 'broken' quarantine hotel booking system means family could face a hefty fine

A Burlington, Ont. father has been calling the designated government phone line to secure a hotel booking for his daughter, who is returning to Canada. But he can't get through, and worries she'll end up paying a hefty fine.

How Paul Johnson uses his referee experience as head of Hamilton's pandemic response centre

Paul Johnson, the director of the city's emergency operations centre, says it will be a shame if the city goes back to the way it was before the pandemic.

17 more inmates at Hamilton-Wentworth Detention Centre have COVID-19

The outbreak at Hamilton-Wentworth Detention Centre has grown to 27 cases, and all of the new cases reported on Monday are among inmates. 

Hamilton's COVID-19 vaccination plan: Mobile clinics and 10,000 doses per day

Hamilton Public Health has released early plans for how COVID-19 vaccines might be distributed across the city, including rural and suburban areas. Their goal is to eventually administer 10,000 doses a day. 

Committee approves lowering speed on Upper Gage where 11-year-old boy died

Hamilton city councillors have voted to reduce the speed limit on a section of Upper Gage Avenue where 11-year-old Jude Strickland was hit by a pick-up truck and killed in December. 

Hamilton's top health official worried about COVID-19 variant, won't call for move to 'orange'

Hamilton's medical officer of health says that while the number of outbreaks and COVID-19 cases in the city are declining from previous months, she remains "very concerned" about variants of the virus. 

Panel selects anti-racism resource centre board members, but says more money is needed

The Hamilton Anti-Racism Resource Centre (HARRC) is one step closer to running, as the community advisory panel has selected 13 members for its board. But that panel also says the city needs to offer more money.

City will guarantee fair wage for musicians, says community events should follow its lead

The City of Hamilton is directing staff to create a policy to pay musicians a fair wage for their work during city-hosted and city-funded events.