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Investigative journalist

Lisa Mayor is an investigative journalist at The Fifth Estate, hailing from Thunder Bay, Ontario. She has recently reported on the disappearance of four elderly people from the Muskoka region of Ontario and how governments in Canada rely on gambling addicts for revenue. Lisa can be reached at

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'Just a matter of time': Police pursue 'significant' number of new tips in Muskoka mystery of missing seniors

After two decades, the Ontario Provincial Police have received substantial tips that are helping them advance their investigation into what happened to four seniors who disappeared from the province's Muskoka region in the late 1990s, The Fifth Estate has learned.

'Crazy out there': Increasing violence in North Central Regina has residents looking for solutions

With an increase in gang and gun violence in Regina, the city’s police service has been adding to its arsenal, including buying an armoured vehicle and equipping officers with semi-automatic rifles. But a successful program out of the U.S. shows there’s another way to deal with the problem.
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Who's really behind Toronto's chain of illegal pot shops that won't quit?

They get raided by police and within hours are back in business. Toronto's CAFE, a plucky chain of pot shops, was built by a notorious fraudster and a Lamborghini-driving, Gucci-loving ex-wrestling champ, among others — though who runs it now isn't exactly clear

Defective seats on school minibuses put students at risk of injury, leaked document shows

As far back as 2011, thousands of children across Canada have been riding school buses with a critical safety defect that puts them at an “increased risk of injury” if there is an accident or sudden stop, according to an industry document obtained by CBC’s The Fifth Estate.

'Neglect of duty' found in review of Thunder Bay police investigation into death of Indigenous man

An independent review of the Thunder Bay Police Service’s investigation into the death of an Indigenous man in 2015 found “substantial” deficiencies that are being considered “neglect of duty,” The Fifth Estate has found.

Muskoka mystery: Missing senior killed to stop her from reporting 'mistreatment, neglect,' police said

Newly obtained police documents reveal additional details and shed further light on what police believe may have happened to four elderly people who mysteriously vanished two decades ago from a secluded area of Ontario's cottage country north of Toronto.

'Nobody stopped me' at the casino: Ontario self-exclusion program fails to keep gambling addicts out

Despite promoting responsible gambling, the Ontario government’s program to help addicts stay out of casinos is failing to do so, an investigation by CBC’s The Fifth Estate has found.

Motherisk hair test evidence tossed out of Colorado court 2 decades before questions raised in Canada

A capital murder trial in Colorado in 1993 raised serious issues with the reliability of Motherisk hair tests more than two decades before any issues were raised about the tests in Canada, a joint investigation by The Fifth Estate, CBC Radio’s The Current and the Toronto Star has found.

'It's a tragedy': How the flawed Motherisk hair test helped fracture families across Canada

In a joint investigation with CBC Radio’s The Current and the Toronto Star, The Fifth Estate has spoken to half a dozen families across Canada whose families were broken in part as a result of faulty hair tests done by the Hospital for Sick Children’s Motherisk lab.

Muskoka mystery: Family linked to disappearance of seniors fights release of police documents

Members of the family who were the focus of a Fifth Estate investigation into the disappearance of four seniors in Ontario’s Muskoka region are fighting the release of additional information from police documents that were obtained earlier this year.

'It feels like the cavalry is coming': Ontario vows $1M to help miners exposed to aluminum dust

The Ontario government says it will commit $1 million in funding over the next year to help ailing Ontario mine workers who believe years of exposure to aluminum dust has left them with neurological diseases.

Syrian photographer hopes exposé of 'slaughter' will help build case against Assad regime

A former military forensic photographer for Syria’s Department of Defence told CBC’s The Fifth Estate he smuggled thousands of photos out of the country to show the world the “slaughter” and “ongoing massacre” occurring inside the Assad regime.

Ontario health agency finds 'concerning' rate of ALS in miners exposed to McIntyre Powder

Occupational Health Clinics for Ontario Workers says it's found a high incidence rate of ALS in miners exposed to an aluminum dust once thought to protect their lungs. The anecdotal findings have caught the attention of scientists who plan to see if there's a scientific link.

'Hunting is not about killing for me': Trophy hunter sees shooting big game as form of conservation

A British Columbia woman well-known for her trophy hunts of lions, bears and giraffes says she sees the killing as an ethical form of wildlife conservation.

Quebec City mosque had plans to boost security before attack

The mosque in Quebec City where six men were killed and 19 others were injured had approved plans to strengthen its security measures just two weeks before the fatal attack, the fifth estate has found.