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Kyle Bakx is a Calgary-based journalist with CBC's network business unit. He's covered stories across the country and internationally.

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'We're a bit stuck': CEO of Alberta bank expects province's economic struggles to continue

Alberta's sputtering economy has slowed in the last year and any growth over the next 18 months will be minimal, predicts the chief executive of ATB Financial, an Alberta bank owned by the provincial government.

Meet the startup turning CO2 emissions into handcrafted soap

CleanO2 has developed a technology to turn CO2 emissions from industrial furnaces and boilers into potash for use in soaps, detergents, the agricultural sector and the pharmaceutical industry, among others.
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Oilpatch in 'crisis' as energy regulator executives travelled the world launching a side project called ICORE

ICORE's operation has led to questions about the direction and priorities at the provincial regulator, which has already been a target of criticism for executive travel, how long it takes to approve oil and gas projects and the rising cost of abandoned energy infrastructure, like old oil wells, in Alberta.

Oil and gas giant sets big target of net zero oilsands emissions

Canada's largest oil and gas producer is setting an ambitious target, albeit aspirational, to reduce the amount of pollution from its oilsands operations to effectively zero in terms of carbon emissions. 

'It's not working too good' — inside Alberta's crude-by-rail dilemma

The chief executives of major oil companies are questioning why so many oil rail cars are sitting idle in Alberta, while the provincial government is still limiting oil production.

Trans Mountain approval eases oilpatch angst, for now

The federal government gave a second approval to the twinning of the Trans Mountain pipeline project. Still, many in the oilpatch are anxious to see pipes put in the ground considering the lengthy delays to the project.

'We're anxious to get it in the ground': Pipe yards fill ahead of federal decision on Trans Mountain expansion

Trains and trucks hauling pipes for the proposed project have been visible for several weeks in Alberta and B.C., although the timing of the delivery and the federal government's pending decision seem to be a coincidence.

Alberta Energy Regulator paying a 3rd executive to commute from B.C.

A member of the AER’s legal team lives in Victoria, B.C., and has been commuting to Edmonton and Calgary for at least two years. The AER has covered the cost of flights, hotels, and meals.

Alberta could slip back into recession this year, says new report

The ongoing woes of the oilpatch and China’s move to block imports of Canadian canola and other agricultural products are two of the reasons the province's economy could shrink this year. 

Please abstain: How industrial companies are grappling with legalized cannabis

The oilpatch has worked hard to get a handle on substance abuse for several years and the legalization of recreational cannabis presents another challenge for companies dealing with the often thorny issue of drug testing.

What the sale of WestJet means for jobs, fares, routes — and investors

It's a $5-billion deal that no one saw coming — not aviation experts, not analysts following the company, not even the vast majority of staff at the airline. There wasn't even a whiff of speculation.

Alberta has paid landowners $20M since 2010 as oilpatch defaults on payments

The Alberta government is paying landowners to make up for the shortfalls of energy companies. The payments have increased to record levels as oil and gas prices have fallen.

Wild Rose Brewery agrees to be acquired by Sleeman

Alberta's craft beer industry is about to get shaken up as one of the most well-known craft beer brands in the province will soon by acquired by the third-largest brewing company in Canada.

Enbridge has no plans to resurrect Northern Gateway project, says CEO

The new government in Alberta wants Enbridge to bring back its proposed Northern Gateway oil pipeline, but the company’s chief executive said there is little chance that will happen.

The growing problem of oil and gas companies not paying taxes or landowners

Since 2014, dozens — if not hundreds — of companies have failed, and many say the problems associated with the industry are getting worse as municipalities struggle to collect taxes and landowners often fail to get paid.