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The science behind why police now believe they have the right suspect in Christine Jessop's murder

Calvin Hoover, who died by suicide in 2015, will never know that it was his own distant relatives' use of a genealogy website that helped police and forensic genealogists label him as a Christine Jessop's murderer.
CBC Investigates

Why race-based data collection by police could play a role in reform debate

As the Black Lives Matter movement spreads across Canada, the conversation around police accountability and reform has grown, including a rising interest in collecting more race-based data on people who interact with officers. 
CBC Investigates

Do alcohol and COVID-19 isolation mix? Some health experts don't think so

Liquor store sales increased across the country in March as Canadians stocked up to wait out the COVID-19 lockdown. That has some addiction experts warning about the potentially risky mix of packed liquor cabinets, stress, anxiety and weeks stuck at home.

Transport minister announces task force on school bus seatbelts

Three months after ordering his department to take a "fresh look" at Transport Canada’s no-seatbelt position, Transport Minister Marc Garneau has announced the creation of a task force to look into the possibility of outfitting school buses with the devices.

Defective seats on school minibuses put students at risk of injury, leaked document shows

As far back as 2011, thousands of children across Canada have been riding school buses with a critical safety defect that puts them at an “increased risk of injury” if there is an accident or sudden stop, according to an industry document obtained by CBC’s The Fifth Estate.

Humboldt crash happened long after internal Transport Canada report warned of injury risk on coach buses

An internal Transport Canada investigation into a fatal crash in 2001 concluded that coach buses without seatbelts may put passengers at “unnecessary risk” of injuries, yet the document was kept hidden for years until The Fifth Estate recently uncovered it using the Access to Information Act.

Internal Transport Canada study showed school buses 'failed' safety tests

A 2010 Transport Canada report that revealed that school buses “failed” safety tests and did not do enough to prevent “serious injuries” was kept hidden from the public,The Fifth Estate has learned.

Seatbelts on school buses could have prevented thousands of injuries, numerous deaths

Thousands of injuries and numerous child deaths could have been prevented across Canada and the United States in the past three decades had school buses been equipped with seatbelts, an investigation by CBC’s The Fifth Estate has found.

Overcrowding, understaffing and 'culture of violence' rampant at notorious Ontario jail: lawyer

A "culture of violence," chronic overcrowding and critical understaffing at London, Ont.'s Elgin-Middlesex Detention Centre all came together the night inmate Adam Kargus was murdered by his cellmate.

Undercover FBI agent defends role in drawing 3rd man into Via Rail terror investigation

The FBI undercover agent at the centre of a plot by two men planning to derail a Via Rail train travelling from New York to Toronto stands by a controversial decision to target a third suspect who was living in Quebec City at the time.

Judicial watchdog finds no problem with judges attending sponsored cocktail parties

The Canadian Judicial Council has dismissed complaints against federal judges who attended sponsored cocktail events at an international tax conference in Europe.

CRA records missing in KPMG tax dodge affair

Correspondence from the Canada Revenue Agency’s former top enforcement officer went missing — and appears to have been deleted — in the months leading up to the agency’s secret “no penalties” amnesty offer to wealthy KPMG tax dodgers, a Fifth Estate/Enquete investigation has found.

'Potential misconduct' probe launched into judges after CBC revelations

The body that oversees federally appointed judges in Canada has launched an investigation into three judges after revelations on CBC’s the fifth estate and Radio-Canada’s Enquête last week.

Tax court judge attended party hosted by law firm linked to KPMG

The judge overseeing a Vancouver tax court case involving accounting giant KPMG attended an exclusive party in Europe sponsored by the law firm alleged to have signed off on the accounting firm's offshore tax "sham," a fifth estate/Enquête investigation has found.

Wealthy Canadians exposed in KPMG offshore tax 'sham'

A billionaire Ontario developer with an Order of Canada, a senior vice-president of media giant Rogers Communications and the owners of Winnipeg’s famed Nutty Club candy factory are among wealthy Canadians who appear to be linked to a secret tax dodge in the Isle of Man, according to an investigation by CBC’s the fifth estate and Radio-Canada’s Enquête.