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Karen works as a CBC reporter, news reader and web writer in Whitehorse, YT. She made a radio documentary for the CBC program Now or Never and does freelance work for magazines. You can follow her on Twitter @krmccoll.

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Yes, there are 'greener' poppy options, but they are limited by legion trademark rules

As global concerns about the use of single-use plastics rise, some people are opting for alternatives to the ubiquitous plastic poppy. 

Bob, the much-loved cat of Atlin, B.C., has died

Bob the cat, who frequented the bar at the Atlin Recreation Centre in Atlin, B.C., died Tuesday after being struck by a vehicle. He was 16.

Oldest known map of southwest Yukon visits territory for 150th birthday

Chilkat Tlingit Chief Kohklux of Klukwan, Alaska, drew two maps for a visiting U.S. surveyor in 1869. The maps now live at the University of California Berkeley, but one of them is in the Yukon for a short visit.

'Super lucky to catch it': Researchers get time-lapse video of glacial lake flood

Scientists have learned that a lake at the toe of the Donjek Glacier has flooded and released every year since 2014. This is the first year they caught it on camera.

New map of Beringia 'opens your imagination' to what landscape looked like 18,000 years ago

Thousands of years ago, a stretch of land connected the continents of Asia and North America, in the place the Bering Strait now occupies.

False alarm! City of Whitehorse finds Martha Black bust... But it won't be back for a while

A piece of art commemorating the second woman to serve as a member of Parliament in Canada was believed to be stolen earlier this afternoon, but has been located. The City of Whitehorse say it was removed by the Hougen family after it was vandalized.

Sorry, bunny-lovers: snowshoe hares eat meat — including other hares

Snowshoe hares eat meat, and they don't seem that picky about what kind it is, according to a paper published in the winter issue of Northwestern Naturalist.

Cambridge Bay exhibit to showcase the evolution of parkas

The Kitikmeot Heritage Society says the exhibit is about the evolution of parkas from pre-contact to today.

From Nunavut to San Francisco: Cambridge Bay company puts Arctic char on your dinner plate

In a nondescript building in Cambridge Bay, Nunavut, Kitikmeot Foods processes Arctic char for markets near and far.

Graduate from Cambridge Bay's home-grown healing program goes back as guest speaker

Nellie Hogaluk says she used to be afraid to tell people about her alcohol addiction and her struggles to overcome it. Now, she shares her story as a way to heal and empower others.

'Fix this mess': Cambridge Bay businesses say MTS should take responsibility for mouldy, missing items

Kavlik Enterprises says flooring it had on last month's barge was delivered by Marine Transportation Services, covered in mould. But the barge company, which is run by the N.W.T. government, says its investigation has found no indication of damage.

Check out Inuit art inside the Canadian High Arctic Research Station

When Canada's top Arctic research centre finally opens its doors to the public in Cambridge Bay, Nunavut, visitors will be greeted by Inuit art.

Study of larvae important piece of puzzle about winter ticks in Yukon, says researcher

Emily Chenery says that while winter ticks are not a currently problem in the Yukon, it's important to study them in case their numbers ever do get out of control. ​

'Join the circle': Monument invites conversation about Yukon residential school

A monument unveiled on the Whitehorse waterfront Thursday offers a place for people to sit and reflect on residential school history. It honours former students of the Whitehorse Indian Mission School, which operated from 1947 to 1960.
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Think before you post to social media, hunters urge fellow hunters

On social media, history sometimes repeats itself. Hunter shoots animal, hunter posts photo, photo sparks public outcry, post goes viral. And the rest of the hunting community does a collective facepalm.