Karen McColl

News Presenter/Reporter

Karen works as a CBC reporter, news reader and web writer in Whitehorse, YT. She made a radio documentary for the CBC program Now or Never and does freelance work for magazines. You can follow her on Twitter @krmccoll.

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Want to have a bonfire in Whitehorse? It better be in a city-approved backyard fire pit

The Chadburn Lake Road is a tempting place to have a bonfire but it's both prohibited and dangerous, says Whitehorse's fire chief.

COVID-19 measures lead to drop in other infectious diseases, emergency visits in Yukon

The president of the Yukon Medical Association says the drop in emergency department visits isn't necessarily a good thing.

Bye-bye single-use plastics: new bylaw in effect in Dawson City

The bylaw prohibits businesses from providing a range of single-use plastics, including shopping and produce bags.
The COVID Economy

While Yukon businesses brace for lack of tourism, the pandemic's impact on mining is less clear

While Yukon's tourism sector faces a long, uncertain road to recovery from the COVID-19 pandemic, industry experts say it's too early to know the impact of the outbreak on the mining sector.

Yukon pilot project aims to shift energy demand away from peak times, reduce diesel use

The Yukon Conservation Society plans to have electric thermal storage units installed in 40 homes in Whitehorse.

Rolling with it: Whitehorse bike shops get people out riding while taking COVID-19 precautions

This is typically the start of the busy season for Whitehorse's bike shops — but this is not a typical year. Still, the shops are doing what they can to maintain service and get people out riding.

Yukoners sew homemade cloth masks to meet high demand

People sewing masks in Whitehorse say the orders keep coming. This, as Canada's chief public health officer softens her stance on them.

Whitehorse businesses say they need financial help now, before it's too late

The federal government has promised to help small businesses, but the money isn't flowing yet.

Yukon makerspace producing face shields as 'Plan C' for COVID-19 pandemic

Machines at YuKonstruct in Whitehorse are busy churning out a product its hoped won't be needed in the territory — protective face shields for first responders.

Does Yukon have enough ventilators to handle COVID-19? That depends, say doctors

The head of the Yukon Medical Association says the territory is looking to add to its current supply of 9 ventilators — although it's not yet certain whether they'll be needed to deal with COVID-19.

Whitehorse jail suspends visits, cuts some programming to reduce risk of COVID-19

The Whitehorse Correctional Centre has suspended personal visit to inmates and cut back some of its programming as part of its measures to reduce the risk of transferring the coronavirus in or out of the jail. 

No toilet paper, no problem: Maybe it's time to try the bidet

While some people are mass-buying toilet paper amid COVID-19 panic, those who use bidets can save their fretting.

'Heartbreaking': Yukon women's shelters not set up to house intoxicated women fleeing violence

Advocates say Yukon needs a new approach to helping women fleeing domestic violence. Women's shelters in the territory are not set up to house women using drugs or alcohol. That's despite a report stating that more than half of women experiencing domestic violence struggle with substance abuse.

Lack of affordable housing in Yukon prevents women from fleeing domestic violence

Yukon shelters say the lack of affordable housing in the territory is putting women at risk of staying in dangerous homes.

Archaeologists create digital blueprints of historic sites on Yukon's Herschel Island

Archaeologists are using drones and laser technology to create digital replicas of historic sites on Herschel Island, a 116 square kilometre island off the Yukon coast in the Beaufort Sea.