Julie DiCaro exposes trolls in #MoreThanMean tweets video

Sportscaster Julie DiCaro was sick of reading mean tweets. So she and fellow sports journalist Sarah Spain agreed to appear in a YouTube video in which random men would read out the worst of what social media trolls have been sending their way. Both sides found it pretty uncomfortable.
Julie DiCaro discusses why she participated in the viral video #MoreThanMean, which exposes the vicious tweets she receives as a female sportscaster. 9:49

"I hope you get raped again."

That's just one of the messages Julie DiCaro has received from online trolls. The Chicago-based sportscaster says that she receives nasty comments through social media virtually every day, so much so that she's somewhat blasé about it. 

Still, there's no way to develop a skin that's thick enough to withstand it all. Not every day. And not when the trolls needle her most vulnerable issues, such as the rape she wrote about in 2013.

"The bad days, I go home and I'm in a bad mood and I bark at my kids and I get in a fight with my husband. So it does affect you," DiCaro told the CBC's Wendy Mesley. 

"The idea that you should ignore this stuff and just sort of take it and not stand up for yourself and not fight back and not expose these people for who they are doesn't sit very well with me."

DiCaro has found an effective way to fight back. She and fellow sports journalist Sarah Spain are featured in a YouTube video that shines a light on the abuse they and other females in the business endure. Produced by the podcast Just Not Sports, the video shows DiCaro and Spain sitting and listening as men read out some of the nasty tweets the pair have received. Released Tuesday, the video has gone viral, watched nearly three million times. 

DiCaro and Spain have read the attacks already. But the men haven't. And things do get awkward.

One asks if he really has to say each comment out loud. Another audibly gulps. DiCaro says she also found it challenging to hear the tweets spoken aloud.

"Having another human being sit across from you and try to look you in the eye when they say it, is a completely different experience," DiCaro said. "It was much more emotional than I expected it to be."

You can watch Julie DiCaro's thoughts on #MoreThanMean by clicking on the video link above or by watching Friday night's National.