Jodie Martinson

Story Producer

Jodie Martinson is a Emmy-Award winning journalist who works with CBC Radio in Vancouver. She's the producer of the CBC Podcast Other People's Problems and has made numerous documentaries.

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Survivor of domestic violence gets an affordable, safe home — but hundreds more are still waiting

Dawn C. was profiled in a CBC Vancouver story on the challenges survivors of domestic violence face when trying to find an affordable, safe home. After she sent the story to B.C. Housing, she got a call from the agency and now she and her daughter have a new home.

Support programs, housing make women safer when fleeing violence, say advocates

For many Metro Vancouver women escaping domestic abuse, the choice is homelessness or returning to their abuser. 

She fled domestic abuse. Now she and her daughter are victims of the housing crisis

Vancouver's housing prices and shortage of social housing put women fleeing domestic violence in a tough spot: risk homelessness or stay in an abusive home.

Alive but not the same: B.C. woman survives overdose but left with brain damage

Amanda Wright's fentantyl overdose didn't kill her but left her with permanent brain damage, making her one of an unknown number of Canadians, for which there are no concrete statistics, who will require costly care for the rest of their lives.

Kathy Woudzia kept her daughter's death a secret. Now she wants to tell the truth

Kathy Woudzia's daughter was a mother, a teacher and a secret opioid addict and now her mother is sharing her story in hopes that federal politicians will make mental health and addictions issues a priority.

The mental load of life in Vancouver's Downtown Eastside

Erica Grant is one of the many Downtown Eastside residents who struggle with housing, addictions and mental illness.

Slave songs are a point of pride for Vancouver musician Khari McClelland

The words and music used by slaves "to help bolster their spirits in really, really challenging times" inspire a modern Canadian to sing, too.

Jim Byrnes' story about authenticity, family and friends say

Byrnes is performing at CBC's Vancouver studios on Oct. 30 as part of the Inspiration Series, which profiles the people who inspire Vancouverites.

TED Conference 2015 highlights

CBC story producer Jodie Martinsen watched the better part of 90 TED Talks in Vancouver. It's the second year they've been in B.C., and it is a dizzying experience.