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Credit card chargebacks a challenge for some airline customers

Marketplace has heard from many people who were unsatisfied with credit for future travel after their flights were cancelled. Some have sought refunds through a chargeback from their credit card company, but have met with resistance.

Has COVID-19 messed up your finances? Here's how to fight for a fair deal

Consumer rights advocate Ellen Roseman did a Q&A with Marketplace co-host Asha Tomlinson addressing a number of Canadians' concerns, including everything from rents and mortgages to daycares.

'I felt like a criminal': Airbnb hosts ask guests to lie, sneak around in covert rentals

Use the back door. Avoid the lobby if you're carrying luggage. Don't talk to neighbours. Say you're visiting a cousin. And most importantly, don't mention Airbnb. As cities and buildings around the world crack down on short-term rental platforms, hosts are asking guests to lie about who they are and why they're there.

Meet the Canadian who took on rental giant Airbnb — and won

Last-minute cancellations are the top complaint for Airbnb guests. But what's the home-sharing platform doing about it?

In the battle against alcohol addiction, one court aims to turn around lives

The Alcohol Monitored Pilot Program is the latest example of the Nova Scotia Mental Health Court's efforts to reach more people with its treatment-based programs.

'He's not forgotten': How a fatal shooting changed the way Montreal police deal with the homeless

"Enough is enough." That was the reaction of the CEO of a Montreal homeless shelter after Jimmy Cloutier, a longtime client who suffered from schizophrenia, was fatally shot by police on Jan. 6, 2017. Cloutier's death has led to big changes in the relationship between police and the homeless.
CBC Investigates

Do-not-resuscitate requests rarely tracked in Canada

An unknown number of Canadians have completed a do-not-resuscitate document, asking that they not be revived if they are critically injured or ill. Across Canada, there is no consistent approach to keeping track of these requests.
CBC Investigates

Government accused of hoarding Canadian history in 'secret' archives

Some of Canada’s leading historians say the federal government is putting the country’s historical record at risk by hoarding piles of documents inside secret archives that together would make a stack taller than the CN Tower.
CBC Investigates

'The rose-coloured glasses are off': Why experts, students suspect racism under-reported on campuses

Many Canadian universities received few or no official student complaints of racial discrimination or harassment between 2011 and 2015. But experts and students — and even a couple of the universities — tell CBC News those low numbers aren’t necessarily a sign of racial harmony.
CBC Investigates

Why so many Canadian universities know so little about their own racial diversity

A CBC News investigation looks at the reasons why so many Canadian universities don't collect race-based data about their student communities even though many experts say the information could help schools better serve their students.
CBC Investigates

B.C. woman shocked to find private medical information of 10 other people in file

Wendy Charney was simply curious about what her recently retired doctor had written when she decided to look at her medical history, which he'd prepared for her to give to her new doctor. What she read was shocking and upsetting.
CBC Investigates

Millions of Canadians don't have to be told if health information breached

The personal health information of hundreds of patients is breached every year, but most Canadians live in provinces where health-care providers don't have to tell victims or privacy watchdogs.
CBC Investigates

BlackBerry hands over user data to help police 'kick ass,' insider says

A specialized unit inside mobile firm BlackBerry has for years enthusiastically helped intercept user data — including BBM messages — to help in hundreds of police investigations in dozens of countries, a CBC News investigation reveals.
CBC Investigates

Data on dangerous railway crossings to be shared, minister says

Canada’s transportation minister is pledging to share more information about the country's most dangerous rail crossings, after CBC News revealed an internal government list, that pinpoints the 500 “highest risk” crossings, has never been shared with municipalities.
CBC Investigates

Canada's 25 most accident-prone railway crossings plagued by widespread design flaws

A CBC News investigation into Canada’s top 25 most accident-prone railway crossings has found wide-spread design flaws and — in Saskatchewan — an increase in accidents despite an overall reduction across the country.