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B.C. Housing ordered to reveal details of deal to sell Little Mountain lands to developer

The public may finally learn more about the details of the controversial Little Mountain land sale that resulted in the demolition of 224 units of social housing on the property that stands mostly vacant more than a decade later.

Victims of abuse in junior hockey encouraged that more players are speaking out, as CHL faces another lawsuit

Former NHLers Sheldon Kennedy and Theo Fleury say they weren't surprised at the allegations of abuse they read in a proposed class-action lawsuit against the CHL. But while the allegations underline the need to do more to stop abuse, the fact that more players are coming forward with their experiences is a positive sign, they say.
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Brain Trust: How B.C.'s sports organizations are facing the concussion epidemic

With traumatic brain injuries and the long-term fallout of degenerative brain disease permeating the broader sporting culture, B.C.’s sports organizations are under pressure to modernize their concussion protocols while educating players, coaches and officials about the dangers involved.
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The fight over CTE continues 5 years after Steve Montador's death

Steve Montador's dad, Paul, thinks the National Hockey League didn’t do enough to protect his son and to educate him about concussions and the possibility of developing CTE. And that's why he's continuing on with a lawsuit against the NHL originally started by Steve in the months before he died.

Fight for safe supply of drugs is 'this generation's Insite,' advocates say

Two long-time activists see significant similarities between the current fight for safe supply of drugs and the fight for Insite, Vancouver's — and North America's — first legal supervised consumption site.

Gone Country for a cause: Twin brothers raise millions for cancer charities

On a warm, breezy Thursday at the Bill Reid Millenium Amphitheatre in Surrey, a small army of volunteers is hard at work. 

Lawsuit against jiu-jitsu instructor moves forward despite signed waivers

A local amateur jiu-jitsu athlete is suing his former instructor for injuries allegedly sustained during competition, despite signing two separate forms waiving liability.

Portland Hotel Society boss resigns as payroll chaos dogs employees

The executive director of the Portland Hotel Society is resigning after less than two years on the job, as struggles continue with a new payroll system that has consistently delivered inaccurate payments.

Former NHL enforcer now lives in truck, faces an uncertain future

Stephen Peat, a once celebrated NHL hockey fighter, is in debilitating pain, estranged from his family, living out of his vehicle and wondering what's next.

Former hockey fighters to struggling ex-NHL enforcer: 'you're not alone'

Stephen Peat's father says the former NHL enforcer is living on the streets of Metro Vancouver and using drugs. That story has former hockey fighters reaching out to Peat in the hopes of helping him through a difficult time.

Father of former NHLer says his son is living on B.C. streets and could be close to death

Former NHL enforcer Stephen Peat was celebrated for his thunderous body checks and explosive bare-knuckle fights, but now Walter Peat says his son is homeless in B.C., using drugs and could be close to death.

Is it time to get fighting out of junior hockey?

Former Kelowna Rockets captain James McEwan fought more than 200 times between junior and pro, but then he realized he was suffering from symptoms common to chronic traumatic encephalopathy. He's now calling for an end to fighting.

Is the fentanyl situation an overdose crisis or a poisoning crisis?

While the word "overdose" is widely accepted in the medical community, it's not technically accurate. So are drug users taking fentanyl overdosing or are they being poisoned? It could be time to change our language, say some medical professionals.

Vancouver nightclubs: an overdose minefield lies in wait

While some clubs have taken progressive steps to protect casual drug users, denial, stigma and fear of liability mean no cohesive harm reduction framework is in place. Meanwhile, governments show no signs of regulating harm reduction on the nightlife scene.

Can Canada increase oil capacity and still meet its Paris commitments?

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau maintains Trans Mountain pipeline fits within Canada's Paris commitments, but does it? How can Canada be an oil sands producer and climate leader at the same time? And more importantly, how can it meet its commitments on both climate change and oil production?