Jennifer McGuire

Editor in Chief

Jennifer McGuire has been General Manager and Editor in Chief of CBC News since May 2009. She came to journalism via a Bachelor of Science in Biology then a Graduate Diploma in Journalism. Her first media job was as an Associate Producer on the CBC Ottawa morning program. McGuire has led the creation of many influential shows, including The Current with Anna Maria Tremonti.

Latest from Jennifer McGuire

Honouring Trina McQueen and Peter Mansbridge

Last week, two of our most respected journalists were recognized for excellence in their craft with lifetime achievement awards.

Our new Journalistic Standards and Practices

Editor in chief Jennifer McGuire explains why the time was right for CBC News to update its Journalistic Standards and Practices — the statement of principles that guides how CBC journalists serve Canadians.

Open courts and good journalism

It is our belief than an open court process is in the public interest, and appropriate in a democracy, so that citizens can assess whether justice has been served. And media coverage is generally the best way to facilitate that.

Protecting confidential sources is critical

Some of Canada's most prominent media executives went to Parliament Hill yesterday, arguing for legislation that would help journalists protect the identity of confidential sources.

Celebrating 20 years of — and looking forward to many more

While two decades may not seem like a lot compared to the 75 years since CBC News was established during the Second World War, it does make us one of the oldest digital news sources in Canada.

A renewal for CBC News

Regular readers of this space will know that CBC News is engaged in a news renewal initiative which, simply put, is a plan to make our news better and more relevant to Canadians.