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Janet Davison is a CBC senior writer and editor based in Toronto.

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Family grievances: New book on Prince Harry and Meghan offers royal dé​​​​​​​jà​​​​​​​ vu

A sense of history repeating itself has been emerging for the past few days, as the first excerpts of a highly anticipated book about Prince Harry and Meghan, Duchess of Sussex, have been published in the U.K.
Royal Fascinator

Why Ghislaine Maxwell's arrest could turn up the heat on Prince Andrew

When British socialite Ghislaine Maxwell was arrested in New Hampshire on charges related to the investigation into convicted sex offender Jeffrey Epstein, it cast renewed attention on a royal friend to them both: Prince Andrew.
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Going their separate ways: Scrutiny grows on bond between William and Harry

As brothers sharing common experiences growing up, Prince William and Prince Harry enjoyed a close bond, but that relationship has come under increased scrutiny as their lives diverge and William's future in direct line to the throne comes into greater focus.
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'Silence is not an option': Meghan adds her voice to those calling for change in wake of George Floyd death

Meghan Markle added her voice to those of people around the world who have been galvanized into protest and action by the death of George Floyd in Minneapolis police custody last month, issuing a message of hope and encouragement to students at her former high school in Los Angeles.
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The PM and the Queen: Talking about the state of the world and bringing hope to Canadians

A phone call between Justin Trudeau and Queen Elizabeth gave them a chance to speak about the pandemic and the prime minister the opportunity to thank the monarch for recent messages of support to Canadians.
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Why the Queen's isolation is rich in symbolism

Queen Elizabeth is isolating at Windsor Castle for the practical reason that has kept most everyone at home — to try to keep the coronavirus at bay. But the 94-year-old monarch's stay at the historic royal residence west of London is also symbolic for her and the monarchy in the 21st century.
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Not so much fuss: Why this royal 'just gets on with it'

There hasn’t been much fanfare around Sophie, the Countess of Wessex, as she's been helping in support of those working in the battle against COVID-19. But then again, when she does her royal business, that’s the way it tends to be.
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The pandemic puts the royals online — and 'at their best'

When Prince William opened a hospital to care for COVID-19 patients via video link, the novel way of doing what is otherwise a regular royal duty may also have been a harbinger for members of the Royal Family as they contemplate how to carry out their roles in the future.
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Queen Elizabeth offers an 'enduring and reassuring voice' in the face of COVID-19 crisis

Even the backdrop to Queen Elizabeth's special broadcast Sunday offering reassurance and urging resilience in the face of the coronavirus pandemic told a story.

Why the Queen's rare broadcast will bring 'dignity and gravitas' to the battle against COVID-19

A rare special message from Queen Elizabeth on Sunday is likely to be calm and stoic, offering thanks to those on the front lines of the fight against COVID-19 and support for everyone working together at a time of crisis.

'That was the master plan': Why Harry and Meghan were going to California — just maybe not so soon

Prince Harry and Meghan’s move from Canada to California in recent days seems likely to have been the inevitable end goal for the couple who have officially started their life outside the senior ranks of the Royal Family this week. It just came sooner than might have been expected.

Harry and Meghan's retreat leaves questions hanging over royal relations with the Commonwealth

Prince Harry and Meghan's decision to step back from official duties as senior members of the Royal Family creates uncertainty in the relationship of the monarchy with the Commonwealth, an organization facing questions of its own relevance.
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Harry and Meghan take their 'farewell tour' — but their new life may not be as peaceful as they hope

Nearly two months after Prince Harry and Meghan said they want to step back as senior members of the Royal Family, the Duke and Duchess of Sussex are back in London for what some are calling their "farewell tour." But there is no guarantee their new life will give them the peace they say they want.
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How a 'future Queen in training' is finding her voice

Kate, the Duchess of Cambridge, took part in a recent podcast, one of several events in recent months as more attention has been focusing on her role within the Royal Family.

Artifacts recovered from HMS Erebus offer tantalizing links to sailors on doomed Franklin Expedition

Underwater archeologists from Parks Canada found highly personal items as they recovered more than 350 artifacts during their most recent - and they say most successful - season yet at the HMS Erebus wreck site off the coast of Nunavut.