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Janet Davison is a CBC senior writer and editor based in Toronto.

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A 'complicated transition': How Kate is stepping up her public role for the royals

The freshness Kate Middleton brought to the Royal Family seemed to fade, but recently there's been an uptick in the Duchess of Cambridge's public role, and Prince Harry and Meghan will be under scrutiny during a trip that starts next week in South Africa.

Downton Abbey returns to offer comfort in today's 'whirlpool' of turmoil

Downton Abbey, which began as a British TV melodrama, makes its much-anticipated return as a feature film in North American theatres today, going some distance toward a goal its creators had of offering audiences emotional comfort against the backdrop of a planet in turmoil.

Prince Harry wants to make tourism more sustainable — is he a hypocrite?

Prince Harry launched a program to promote sustainable tourism, but he's also been branded a hypocrite for taking private jet flights, and there is no sign the scandal surrounding Prince Andrew's friendship with convicted sex offender Jeffrey Espstein is going away.

HMS Terror's 'incredible' condition may offer new clues to Franklin Expedition mystery

The first systematic exploration of the interior of HMS Terror offers up the tantalizing prospect that well-preserved written documents might eventually be discovered within the Franklin Expedition wreck.

Prince Andrew and Jeffrey Epstein: Why it's a 'troublesome time' for the royals

Prince Andrew's friendship with convicted sex offender Jeffrey Epstein came under renewed scrutiny after the U.S. financier's jail cell suicide, and Prince Harry and Meghan were both criticized and supported for their decision to take private jet flights earlier this month.

Could the Queen get tangled up in Brexit?

Speculation around how Queen Elizabeth might find herself in political conundrums as the messiness of Brexit churns on refocuses attention on a ticklish question for the Royals: just how involved in politics can they be?

Why guest-editing British Vogue made Meghan Markle a target of criticism and praise — again

The Duchess of Sussex’s guest-editing of the September issue of British Vogue has made Meghan the focus of both criticism and praise for her foray into the world of glossy magazine journalism.

How Queen Victoria made her mark in Canada — without ever visiting

Two hundred years after her birth, Queen Victoria still makes her mark in the United Kingdom as well as in Canada. Also, Queen Elizabeth delays leaving for her summer holiday as Britain gets a new prime minister.

How much privacy can the royals expect?

The Duke and Duchess of Sussex run into some friction as they try to draw new lines around royal privacy.

How much should taxpayers pay for the royals?

Costs to refurbish Frogmore Cottage as the home for the Duke and Duchess of Sussex drew attention in the release of royal accounts this week, and Monday will mark the 50th anniversary of Prince Charles's investiture as the Prince of Wales.

What's really going on behind palace walls?

As much as there may be curiosity about what's really going on behind palace walls, specific insights into day-to-day machinations within the House of Windsor are rare. And Prince Philip marks his 98th birthday.

Why Prince Andrew got down to business in Toronto

Prince Andrew made a low-key visit to Canada, where he spent time encouraging innovation and entrepreneurship, and royal diplomacy will be on display as U.S. President Donald Trump arrives in the U.K. next week for a long-anticipated and controversial state visit.

D-Day at 75: Why the beginning of the end of WWII resonates today

It was, in so many ways, the beginning of the end of the Second World War. But 75 years after D-Day, the significance of what unfolded after Allied troops stormed the beaches of Normandy on June 6, 1944, still resonates today.

Another royal wedding — but not so much pomp

There was a wedding in Windsor on Saturday, but there wasn't the pomp and pageantry — or controversy — to rival the other royal nuptials that have played out in the same place over the past year.

Archie has arrived: From the baby's name to the big reveal, Meghan and Harry defy royal convention

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle presented their new son, Archie, to the world today. From the name they gave him to the way they announced his birth, it's clear they're charting their own path.