Jacques Marcoux

Data journalist

Jacques Marcoux is a CBC News investigative reporter specializing in data analysis. Previously he worked as a multiplatform reporter for the CBC's French network Radio-Canada, as a public relations officer in the agricultural industry and worked in competitive intelligence gathering in the financial industry. Confidential email: jacques.marcoux@cbc.ca

Latest from Jacques Marcoux

Police, defence lawyers, child protection group support creation of criminal record check legislation

A lack of a clear framework for how authorities should process criminal record checks is highlighted by a recent out-of-court settlement between police and local resident. Several groups told CBC News they support provincial legislation to address policy issue.

StatsCan hired PR firm to prevent 'reputational damage' after outcry over plan to gather banking records

Statistics Canada was so concerned over the potential damage to its reputation following revelations the agency was requesting customer transaction data from banks, it hired a PR firm to help "re-establish" control over its public image, CBC News has learned.

Half a century of women in Manitoba elections: Big gains, but still work to do

CBC News analyzed the gender breakdowns of all candidates in Manitoba elections since 1962. The results show all parties have increased representation, but not necessarily across all ridings.

Manitoba's election results mapped at scale paint a different picture from traditional maps

Traditional election result maps visually distort the political influence of ridings. To solve this, CBC News reinvented Manitoba's political map to provide a more accurate picture of the election outcome.

Campaign promises: Checking on fact, fiction and everything in between in the lead-up to Manitoba election

From easily debunked to muddied enough to be unverifiable, the CBC Manitoba election fact checking team sifted through the details of close to 100 announcements since beginning of the 2019 campaign period.

Candidates running in Winnipeg's inner city nearly all riding outsiders, CBC News analysis finds

More than 80 per cent of candidates vying to become MLAs for Winnipeg's inner-city communities don't live within the boundaries of the ridings where they're running, CBC News has found, with some living deep in suburbia, bedroom communities outside city limits and even in Brandon.

New Manitoba election boundaries give upper hand to Progressive Conservatives, CBC News analysis finds

A CBC News analysis comparing outcomes of the 2011 and 2016 Manitoba general election results by applying the newly-aligned ridings shows the Progressive Conservatives would win an additional seat at the expense of the New Democratic Party in both contests when compared to the original ridings.

Can the Tories double the rate of job creation in Manitoba?

Brian Pallister is promising to more than double the rate of job-creation in Manitoba — if you accept the premise governments are in fact capable of creating jobs.

Election Fact-Checker: Parsing the PC health-care promise

As part of an ongoing effort to hold political leaders accountable, CBC News is fact-checking comments and promises made by party leaders at various times along the campaign trail.

Kinew says he'll hire more nurses but PCs say there's already a job for every nurse who wants one

Manitoba NDP Leader Wab Kinew promised to train and hire more nurses in Manitoba while vowing to stop a current practice of firing them something he says the current Tory government does.

Facebook pulled Manitoba political ads because union failed to disclose it paid for them

Union-sponsored Facebook ads targeting the Progressive Conservative’s policies on liquor sales were pulled from tech giant’s platform last month for failing to disclose who was bankrolling the campaign.

One month before Manitoba election, Liberals and Greens less than halfway to filling candidate slates

Manitoba's Liberal and Green parties — who are both hoping to make big electoral gains this year — each have yet to nominate candidates in more than half the constituencies in the province only a month before election day.

Provincial funding announcements tripled in lead-up to voluntary pre-election blackout, CBC analysis finds

A review of years of news releases found the Brian Pallister-led Manitoba government tripled its funding announcements in the past weeks, before its voluntary pre-election advertising restrictions kicked in.

An empty bank account could finally spell the end of the Crocus Investment Fund wind-down

Despite having collapsed nearly 15 years ago, the Crocus Investment Fund refuses to die. However, the funds used by the court-appointed receiver charged with recovering money for investors are running low, documents show, and that might prove to be its doom.

Winnipeg poised to apply hotel tax to Airbnb rentals as industry pushes for 'level playing field'

Winnipeg is poised to ensure Airbnb rentals are subject to the same five per cent tax as conventional hotel rooms in a move described as a "first step" toward levelling the economic playing field in the accommodations sector.