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Data journalist

Jacques Marcoux is a CBC News investigative reporter specializing in data analysis. Previously he worked as a multiplatform reporter for the CBC's French network Radio-Canada, as a public relations officer in the agricultural industry and worked in competitive intelligence gathering in the financial industry. Confidential email: jacques.marcoux@cbc.ca

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Photo radar contractor decides where most enforcement happens, Winnipeg police say

The private company tasked with operating the city's photo enforcement program is largely left to decide enforcement strategy with little input from local officials, and Winnipeg police say they lack data to properly evaluate road safety improvements.

$30M in photo radar tickets issued at one Winnipeg spot, but few changes made to stop speeders

Since 2013, about 120,000 speeding tickets have been issued on Grant Avenue, just west of Thurso Street, according to a CBC News analysis of nearly seven years of citation data.

Winnipeg police take nearly a third of civic budgets, now groups call for their defunding

Winnipeg's operating budget devotes nearly one-third of its funding to Winnipeg Police. Groups want to see some of those dollars go elsewhere.

Manitoba employment bounces back in May with 13,100 new jobs

About 13,100 Manitobans went back to work in May after the province eased pandemic restrictions on retail stores, restaurants and other businesses.

Report gives detailed look at COVID-19 spread in Manitoba

The source of infection for over 11 per cent of COVID-19 cases in Manitoba remains unknown and nearly all hospitalized individuals had pre-existing chronic conditions, the latest provincial COVID-19 surveillance report shows.

Flawed school zone ticket data used in city committee report, CBC News finds

CBC News has found that a report on school zone photo enforcement provided to a city hall committee was based on faulty ticket data provided by Winnipeg police.

Despite bleak job losses, Manitoba possesses Canada's sunniest pandemic employment picture

Manitoba fared better than any other province when it came to holding onto jobs during the first two months of the COVID-19 pandemic, federal labour statistics reveal.

Pandemic claims 1 in 12 Manitoba jobs so far, Statistics Canada says

About one in 12 Manitoba jobs disappeared during the first two months of the COVID-19 pandemic, according to Statistics Canada's latest monthly survey of Canadian employment.

After 4 fatal police shootings in 40 days, Grand Chief wants Manitoba officers to wear body cams

With four fatal police shootings since March, the Assembly of Manitoba Chiefs is calling for the adoption of body-worn cameras for law enforcement in Manitoba.

ER wait times in Winnipeg down by nearly 50%; officials implore public to seek care if they need it

While many hospital departments in Winnipeg are frantically ramping up their operations, others are experiencing never-before-seen lulls in activity.

Why Manitoba needs to be more like B.C. if it wants to keep a lid on COVID-19

Manitoba's health-care system may struggle if the number of known COVID-19 cases continues to climb at its current growth rate.

New measures coming to keep Winnipeg Remand Centre population down during pandemic: defence lawyers

According to the Criminal Defence Lawyers Association of Manitoba, justice officials confirmed on Monday that two key changes are coming soon, including a ban on in-person visits between lawyers and their clients.

Manitoba middle of the pack for ventilator capacity as provinces fight COVID-19

Manitoba appears to be in the middle of the pack among Canadian provinces for ventilators, as health-care systems across the country scramble to get more of the machines used to treat the sickest patients with COVID-19.

Funeral directors want special designation to access supplies, cause of death information during outbreak

Funeral service providers in Manitoba are asking the province to temporarily provide them with a "health care service" designation so they can access needed protective medial supplies while handling potentially infected bodies.
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'I didn't know who to tell': First Nations victims of intimate partner violence suffer from lack of services

Indigenous leaders say it's time to address the issues surrounding domestic violence, and the shortage of federally funded shelters servicing Manitoba's north.