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'We're really at a tipping point': COVID-19 brings research into other medical conditions to a grinding halt

'We had a whole bunch of researchers around the world doing different things. All of our research has basically stopped,' says family of toddler with rare genetic condition.

'She just started sobbing': Parents struggle to help kids cope with COVID-19 anxiety

This is a new, scary world, and for many children and young people across the country it has led to soaring levels of anxiety.

'A race against time': Toronto family tries to raise $3M to treat son's rare genetic disorder

Michael Pirovolakis is 18 months old and suffers from a rare genetic disorder. There is a promise of a therapy that may work. The hitch is it will cost $3 million to do a clinical trial to see if it does.

'They're taking away our hope': Ontario autism program changes leave families anxious about how they'll cope

Families of children with autism in Ontario say the changes to the province's autism program will leave them unable to pay for intensive therapies that can cost up to $100,000 a year while the provincial government says the new program is a much fairer system.

'And then he was raping me': Victim goes public about shocking attack to reveal justice system flaws

A sexual assault victim who was a minor at the time of the attack has taken an extraordinary step, going to court to have the publication ban on her identity lifted so she can talk publicly about her case and push for changes to the criminal justice system.
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USNS Comfort: Aboard the world's largest floating hospital

Take a tour inside the US Naval Ship Comfort.
CBC in Puerto Rico

Desperate for electricity, Puerto Rico children's hospital goes solar

A Puerto Rican nonprofit children's hospital is the site of an alternative-energy experiment between the government and Tesla, the company best-known for electric cars.
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Puerto Rico's misery: Thousands without homes, power 2 months after storms

Two months after Hurricane Maria, power is slowly being restored to some parts of the impoverished American territory, but most of the island's 3.5 million people are still living in the dark.

Disability in demand: People with autism offer employers a broader talent pool

A Danish company with a global mandate to help employers make the most of untapped autistic talent is helping North American firms make concerted efforts to hire employees with autism who can bring unique skills to the workplace.

LGBT teens discover a Lake Huron haven at Rainbow Camp

Nestled in northern Ontario on the shores of Lake Huron, Rainbow Camp gives LGBT kids a place to connect with themselves and each other. Since it opened five years ago, it's become a haven for teens struggling with their sexuality and identity.

Peddling authenticity: Social media influencers undermine traditional ads

There's a catch to the influence being peddled on social media by Toronto's Beckerman twins and a growing number of their competitors — it requires at least the appearance of authenticity.

Dancing with Parkinson's research

Researcher shares preliminary results on happens in the brains of patients with Parkinson's disease to add to the anecdotal evidence that dancing helps.

'It's still a nightmare': The case of jurors released with PTSD and little or no help after verdict

The evidence in particularly brutal trials can leave jurors suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder. But in many jurisdictions across the country, jurors are simply thanked and dismissed after the verdict with little or no support to cope with what they witnessed.

'Think about the future': Kids face up to the dangers of sexting

Young people are sexting, sending intimate images of themselves in the heat of a teenage moment. Educators are trying to make them aware those images are just one share away from consequences that can be devastating.

Autistic teen's abstract paintings wow collectors

As an autistic teen, Niam Jain doesn't speak much. But ever since the 13-year-old picked up a paintbrush last summer, he's found a way to express himself. The art world is listening.