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Inayat Singh is a reporter in the CBC News Investigative Unit. He specializes in stories involving data analysis, statistics and mapping. He is currently based in Toronto and has previously reported from Winnipeg. Email:

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Why race-based data collection by police could play a role in reform debate

As the Black Lives Matter movement spreads across Canada, the conversation around police accountability and reform has grown, including a rising interest in collecting more race-based data on people who interact with officers. 

More Canadians are refusing work due to COVID-19 — but it's tough to get authorities to agree

As more workplaces open up, Canadians are faced with the challenge of going back to work after being told for months that can be dangerous. Provincial data shows there's been a spike in the number of people who've tried to seek exemptions. But virtually none of those work refusals are being upheld.

Got a COVID-related ticket? Here's why some lawyers say you might want to fight it

Did you linger too long on a bench, use a chin-up bar in a public park or run your dog off-leash and now have a hefty ticket for breaking physical distancing rules? Some lawyers say you shouldn't be in a rush to pay it and may instead want to test that fine in court.

Some hospitals across Canada could face significant shortage of ICU beds, projections reveal

With an increasing number of COVID-19 patients expected over the next few months, some Canadian hospitals could face significant shortfalls of ICU beds, according to projections from a team of researchers.

International students feeling isolated and financially strapped as they wait out pandemic

As universities and colleges close their campuses and ask students to leave residences in response to the COVID-19 outbreak, international students in Canada are finding themselves increasingly isolated, lonely and worried about their future.

Study finds federal regulations for methane more effective than Alberta's, but both can improve

A new study suggests that the federal government's proposed regulations to reduce methane emissions, a potent greenhouse gas emitted by the oil and gas industry, would be more effective than competing regulations proposed by the Alberta government.
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Alberta's looming multibillion-dollar orphan wells problem prompts auditor general probe

As Alberta struggles to clean up thousands of oil and gas wells left behind by bankrupt companies, the province's auditor general is set to investigate how the problem became so big and why the industry regulator's efforts to collect security deposits came up so short, CBC News has learned.

Hospital parking, crime, adventure pups: our top video stories of 2018

What kind of stories resonated the most with Manitobans online? In 2018, it was a mix of political and social issues, community initiatives, and some intrepid animals in unlikely situations.