Madeline McNair

Madeline McNair is an award-winning journalist and producer with CBC's investigative unit. She is based in Toronto.

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Most doctors took financial hit in 1st year of COVID, but top earners did just fine

For most physicians in Canada, the first full year of the pandemic delivered a financial gut punch, according to an exclusive CBC News data analysis. But for a select group of highly paid doctors, it was a very different story.

Sex assault charges withdrawn against Toronto dentist

Charges of sexual assault and sexual interference have been withdrawn against Toronto dentist Dr. Amir Haydarian after prosecutors said there was "no reasonable prospect of conviction" and that they had doubts about the credibility of the main complainant. 
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Contaminated medical devices used in open-heart surgery caused severe infection in patients

A class-action lawsuit launched on behalf of Canadians who underwent open heart surgery between January 2010 and July 2018 alleges the manufacturer of contaminated medical devices used during the surgeries failed to adequately warn hospitals of the risk.
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While investigating allegations of a fake psychologist, police charge a real one

Investigators have made an arrest in the unusual case of a fake psychologist who was working with the Ottawa police. But in a twist, investigators say the culprit isn't an imposter — but the actual therapist. 
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Police officer assessed by fake psychologist after complaining of sexual harassment

The Ottawa Police Service has launched a criminal investigation after a former officer called for a probe into what appears to be a fraudulent report by someone posing as a psychologist who was assessing her ability to work on patrol. 
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Police smash couple's living room window with armoured vehicle in drug raid that finds nothing

Looking for a drug den, police smashed their way into an Alberta couple's home firing tear gas. But their evidence "amounted to a hill of beans," one lawyer says. No-knock raids like this are executed hundreds of times a year in Canada — though some police forces have mostly abandoned the practice.
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Girls hockey coach still on ice despite permanent suspension for punching threats

In March, the Ontario Women's Hockey Association permanently banned Jenya Feldman for verbal abuse and threats of violence against players. But the private hockey academy owner is still on the ice with teen girls, and authorities say they can do little about it.

Former player details alleged sexual assault by junior hockey coach Bernie Lynch

More than 30 years after the night he says changed his life, a former junior hockey player went to police in Saskatchewan to allege he was sexually assaulted by a coach. He shares his story with CBC News.
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Junior hockey coach in custody, charged with sexual assault

A veteran junior hockey coach has been charged with sexual assault and assault in Saskatchewan, CBC News has learned, following a complaint from a former player.
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Proposed legislation would allow police to intervene in domestic violence cases sooner

A private member's bill before Parliament would create a new crime in Canada called “coercive control,” which is a pattern of behaviours designed to isolate victims from their support networks and control them in the context of an intimate partner or family relationship.