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Inayat Singh is a reporter in the CBC News Investigative Unit. He specializes in stories involving data analysis, statistics and mapping. He is currently based in Toronto and has previously reported from Winnipeg. Email:

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How to make sense of the new findings on 'forever chemicals' in makeup

People who wear cosmetics such as lipstick or mascara may be absorbing or licking up potentially harmful ingredients that last 'forever' in the environment, a new study suggests. Here's what you should know about PFAS.

How urban gardening could be at the forefront of climate change adaptation in Canada's cities

A look at why some experts say urban gardening can help mitigate some of the worst impacts of climate change in cities, such as soil erosion and flooding.

Why beef is off the menu for some climate-conscious foodies

As chefs and home cooks around the world start to increasingly consider environmental sustainability in their food choices, a debate has been growing over one particular item: beef. And now foodie website Epicurious has dropped it altogether.

Union representing energy workers backs stronger emissions cuts — as long as there's a transition plan

A union representing oil and gas workers says they don't object to Canada cutting emissions — in fact, they think the country could aim for more ambitious targets. But only if there's a plan for a "just transition" that won't leave workers behind.

Canada's methane emissions are likely undercounted, and that makes them harder to cut

The government estimates methane emissions in the oil and gas sector by mostly relying on mathematical modelling based on a small number of field measurements. But researchers say the government is underestimating those emissions, and better measurement techniques are possible.
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Provinces that acted faster had more success limiting spread of COVID-19, data suggests

As the second wave of the COVID-19 pandemic continues to hit many parts of the country, provinces that were quick to act with strict containment measures have been more successful in limiting the spread, a CBC News analysis suggests.
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RCMP launch criminal probe into COVID-19 death tied to massive Alberta meat plant outbreak

Ariana Quesada, 16, walked into the RCMP detachment in High River, Alta., on Friday and filed a formal complaint asking police to investigate potential criminal negligence in the death of her father.

Workplace compensation claims reflect toll COVID-19 has taken on Canada's workers

CBC News reached out to provincial workplace compensation boards across the country and found that more than 26,000 claims have been filed for contracting COVID-19 at work.

Ontario's big cities face looming landfill shortage after change to approvals process

Ontario’s large cities may be left scrambling to find space for their garbage because of new legislation that makes it much harder to build landfills in the province.
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Why race-based data collection by police could play a role in reform debate

As the Black Lives Matter movement spreads across Canada, the conversation around police accountability and reform has grown, including a rising interest in collecting more race-based data on people who interact with officers.