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Inayat Singh covers the environment and climate change at CBC News. He is based in Toronto and has previously reported from Winnipeg. Email:

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Industry knew about risks of PFAS 'forever chemicals' for decades before push to restrict them, study says

Makers of PFAS, a class of chemicals used in everything from cookware to food containers and makeup, knew the substances were toxic as early as the 1970s and obscured the danger, according to a new study based on industry archives held at the University of California.

After leading the world on cutting methane, Canada faces stringent new standards in U.S. and Europe

Canada has been a world leader in regulating methane emissions from its oil and gas sector, putting out regulations well ahead of many other major emitters, but it needs to now update those regulations or risk falling behind the U.S. and Europe, experts say.
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As wildfires rage in Western Canada, here's how to protect your pets from smoke

Many pet owners are watching the smoky skies all over Western Canada and wondering just how worried they should be about their furry companions. 

How do you tally up forestry's climate impact? Watchdog calls for more transparency

If a tree is felled in the forest, how should its emissions be tallied?  It depends on who you ask — and according to a number of environmental groups, the true carbon cost of the forestry industry is being obscured by government accounting.

Ontario judge dismisses youth climate lawsuit but says province's plan 'falls severely short'

A judge harshly criticized the Ontario government’s climate plan, saying it “falls severely short” of what the science on climate change requires, even as she dismissed a landmark lawsuit brought by a group of young people who say the province’s actions threaten their future.

Global South makes its case for $700B to protect biodiversity at COP15

The funding gap between what developing countries need for conservation and what's actually being offered by wealthy nations has become a major sticking point at the UN biodiversity conference in Montreal.

How Indigenous-led conservation could help Canada meet its land and water protection targets

In just eight years, Canada has to double the amount of land protected in all of the national parks, provincial parks, conservation areas and other protected spaces that were established over the past century. Indigenous-led conservation projects could be the answer.

2 weeks into COP27, Canada part of progress on loss and damage funding

It’s been nearly two weeks since Canada’s team of negotiators arrived in Sharm El Sheikh, Egypt, for COP27, the UN climate change conference. Now, as delegates enter the final stretch of negotiations over various texts and communiques, what has Canada achieved during the conference?

Global South prepares a major push for climate compensation at COP27

As envoys from around the world gather in Sharm el-Sheikh, Egypt, for the UN’s 27th annual climate change conference, a demand from vulnerable countries that’s been around since the first conference will finally have a shot at centre stage.

Nord Stream pipeline leak in Baltic Sea could cement Europe's shift to renewables — eventually

Before the Nord Stream gas pipelines under the Baltic Sea sprung massive leaks this week, spewing out tons of methane into the water and atmosphere, Europe had started planning for a long-term future without Russian gas — prompted by Putin's war in Ukraine.