Unreserved: Music, mugs and impersonations

Glen Gould may be a familiar name in music circles. But this Glen Gould may not be the one you're thinking of. This Glen is from the Mi'kmaq nation. He's an actor and musician.
Glen Gould, actor and musician, just released his debut album Donna's Boy. (Artist website)

Glen Gould may be a familiar name in music circles. But this Glen Gould may not be the one you're thinking of.

This Glen is from the Mi'kmaq nation. He's an actor and musician. You can catch him on Blackstone and Mohawk Girls. And he just released his debut album, Donna's Boy.

Glen shares a story with Unreserved host Rosanna Deerchild that will send shivers down your spine.

Winnipeg singer-songwriter Don Amero released a new single off his forthcoming album Refined. Don shared his music video for Love Like That with us, so we could share it with you.   

Also on Unreserved

Justice Murray Sinclair was Manitoba's first aboriginal judge. He has been a longtime advocate and change-maker in the community. He shares a story about the time he impersonated former MLA Elijah Harper.

Manitoba Justice Murray Sinclair shares a story about the time he impersonated former MLA Elijah Harper. (CBC)
What do climbing trees, snowshoeing and sitting around a campfire have to do with teaching kids language? A group of First Nation preschoolers get to spend afternoons playing while learning Maliseet.

Often, Christianity was combined with our cultural beliefs and language to create new religions like the Indian Shaker Church on the Squamish First Nation. "siyólexwe: Stories of Elders and Seniors" is the series produced by UBC journalism students. Wameesh Hamilton and Gen Cruz introduce us to the pastor who is struggling to keep the faith alive.

Morley Harper really likes his morning coffee. And the mugs it comes in. So much that the single dad, who lives in West Kelowna, has set himself on a year-long challenge. For all 365 days this year, Morley is taking a selfie with his morning coffee. And every day, he's using a different mug. He explains what made him to take on this selfie mug challenge.

Plus, it was a sea of red at Confederation College in Thunder Bay on Wednesday as more than 100 people turned out for a rally against racism. The "We Are One" rally was organized by student Ashley Nurmela in response to a series of racist Facebook pages. The offensive comments and photos mocked aboriginal people. CBC reporter Jody Porter was at the rally.

Plus music by: Don Amero, Glen Gould, City Natives and Lucie Idlout.

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