'People don't disappear in the air': Police, family search for missing Indigenous woman

Langley RCMP has put out a renewed call to the public to help locate a missing 20-year-old woman. Kristina Ward was reported missing from Abbotsford Sept. 25.

Kristina Ward was reported missing from Abbotsford, B.C., Sept. 25

The last confirmed contact with Kristina Ward was on Sept. 27 in downtown Langley, B.C. (Langley RCMP)

Langley RCMP has put out a renewed call to the public to help locate a missing 20-year-old woman whose family is concerned she may be taken advantage of.

Kristina Ward was reported missing from Abbotsford, B.C. on Sept. 25, where she lives with her parents. That was more than three weeks ago. 

Her grandmother, Geraldine Silva, describes her as a gentle, soft-spoken young woman from a large, tight knit family. She asks anyone with information about her granddaughter's whereabouts to come forward.

"People don't disappear in the air, someone knows something," Silva said. 

In a Langley RCMP press release, Ward is described as First Nations, five feet, six inches tall, 130 pounds with long, dark curly hair and brown eyes.

Although she's 20, her grandmother says she can come across as anywhere between 12 and 16 years old depending on the circumstances. 

"She's got that real air of innocence," said Silva. 

RCMP 'actively looking'

According to the Langley RCMP, the last time anyone had contact with Ward was Sept. 27 in Langley. Cpl. Craig van Herk said her case is a priority.

"We're still actively looking, our serious crimes section is actively engaged," van Herk said.

Family members have been out searching, putting up posters around Metro Vancouver. 

"We're extending it further and further out," said Silva. 

Adding to the family's concern is that Ward has a health condition that requires regular medication, which she doesn't have with her. 

"When she left [home] on the 25th she had one pill with her. That tells me that child had no intention of staying out, otherwise she would have taken more with her," Silva said.

She said her granddaughter had only a purse and the clothes she was wearing.

Police aren't sure where Ward might be, but van Herk said there is no indication anything suspicious has happened. He said tips have been coming in and they are actively following up on those.

Anyone with information about where Ward might be is asked to call the Langley RCMP.