Missing and murdered Indigenous women inquiry launches new website

The missing and murdered Indigenous women inquiry will begin in the new year, but for now the commission wants families to sign up to their email list, which will provide updates on the commission.

Families who want to participate in the MMIW inquiry will soon be able to register through the website

Families will be able to register with the missing and murdered Indigenous women inquiry through a new website. (CBC)

Families of missing and murdered Indigenous women should sign up for MMIW inquiry emails while they wait to register to participate, inquiry commission officials say.

The emails will provide updates ahead of the inquiry, which is expected to begin in spring. 

"We want to create a families first process," said Michael Hutchinson, the commission's director of communications. "Nobody has a list of the people that want to take part in the national inquiry.… We're trying to collect that information from families."

The MMIW inquiry has a new website, where families should be able to register soon.

The inquiry has five commissioners who in the new year will hear testimony from families of missing and murdered Indigenous women and others in order to examine the systemic causes of violence against Indigenous women and girls in Canada, and make recommendations about how to prevent violence against Indigenous women. 

Some families believe they have been left out of the process, but Hutchinson says they are still trying to nail down the details of the commission, including hiring for necessary positions.

The commission is only now starting to connect with families through the new website, to develop a database of who wants to give formal testimony to the commission in the new year.

Hutchinson said they are developing a form to simplify the process of registering with the inquiry.

A crisis line is also available for family members or friends who need support at 1-844-413-6649.