Rosanna Deerchild

Rosanna Deerchild is the host of Unreserved on CBC Radio One. She's an award-winning Cree author and has been a broadcaster for almost 20 years — including stints with APTN, CBC Radio, Global and a variety of indigenous newspapers. She hails from O-Pipon-Na-Piwan Cree Nation, Man.

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Kelly Fraser on why singing in Inuktitut is important to her

In 2013 her translation of Rihanna’s Diamonds went viral and she hasn’t stopped since. Rosanna Deerchild sits down with Juno-nominated musician Kelly Fraser.

6 things I learned about Six Nations of the Grand River Territory

Unreserved is comin atchu from Six Nations of the Grand River Territory in Ontario. While there we learned a whole bunch about these proud and strong nations.

Musician Leonard Sumner shares stories of young indigenous life through his music

Leonard Sumner's music is a fusion of hip-hop, country, roots, rhythm and blues. His deeply personal lyrics and rhyme reflect his experiences as a young indigenous person in Canada; an honest message of home, hope and heart.

5 Indigenous Music Awards nominees to watch out for

The Indigenous Music Awards turns 10 this year and to celebrate, Unreserved wants to tune you into some of this year's talented nominees.

Unreserved serves up an eclectic mix of ceremonies, awards and music

The wearing of long skirts by women in indigenous ceremonies is a common practice among those who live traditionally. Some say the skirt forces a gender role on women.

Unreserved talks treaty money, historical events and apologies

Unreserved host Rosanna Deerchild heads out to The Forks in Winnipeg to ask Treaty people what they know. Along the way, she get schooled by Manitoba Treaty Relations Commissioner Jamie Wilson and some myth-busting status cards: what are they and why do we have them?

Intergenerational impacts of residential schools, 1st steps of reconciliation

I am an intergenerational survivor. The term may not be a familiar one. That's because it's a relatively new way to describe the affects of a horrific chapter of Canadian history, one we are just learning about - the residential school era.

Unreserved shares the stories of missing and murdered indigenous women

Sometimes, when trying to solve a problem or overcome a challenge you have to think outside the box. Or in the case of Indigenous peoples, go back to the circle.

Unreserved: Race relations and the path forward

Rosanna Deerchild throws a 'Race Relations' dinner party. "Since I was talking about the dark places in our community, I felt responsible for also shedding some light on the issue."

Unreserved: Ugly vegetables, elders' quilts and the Junos

Celebration, connection and education are just a few ways to counter stereotypes, ignorance and injustice. Indigenous peoples are doing that by applying old solutions to new technology or rediscovering new ways in old traditions.