Nikki Wiart

Nikki Wiart is a Métis journalist living in Edmonton, with roots in the small town of Castor, Alta. She has a Bachelor of Communications degree from MacEwan University and is headed to Ottawa in the fall to complete a graduate degree in journalism at Carleton University. She is a recipient of the Canadian Journalism Foundation's Aboriginal Fellowship Award.

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Pregnant aboriginal women find 'world of difference' in Edmonton inner-city program

It's not often a job description includes monitoring fetal heart rates and taking blood samples in the back of a car or in the bathroom of a fast food joint, but that's exactly what employees of an inner city prenatal program in Edmonton do.

Early intervention could prevent CFS apprehensions, Winnipeg mom says

Experts and advocates across the country want to see preventative measures put in place so fewer children enter Canada's foster care system.

Aboriginal kids in care: 4 approaches to improve Canada's track record

From apprehending parents instead of children to asking youth what changes they'd like to see, communities and programs across the country are finding ways to improve Canada's current child welfare model for indigenous families.

Foster care program for aboriginal families boasts 70% success rate

Winnipeg's CLOUT program offers birth parents and foster parents the opportunity to work together to reach reunification. The program's coordinator said in her 20 years of experience, CLOUT is the closest thing she's seen to actually putting birth parents and children in the same foster home.

Crowd-sourced video project aims to make TRC report more accessible

Dozens of indigenous and non-indigenous people from across Canada have lent their voices to a digital archive of the truth and reconciliation report, in a series of 68 videos and shared online using the hashtag #ReadTheTRCReport.