Merelda Fiddler

CBC producer

Merelda Fiddler has been a producer and journalist with CBC Radio for almost 15 years. Throughout, she has covered many of the stories of Saskatchewan's missing and murdered indigenous women, and has had the honour of meeting their families and telling their stories.

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Tracing the story of missing Delores Whiteman of Saskatchewan

Lori Whiteman spent years searching for her mother Delores Whiteman, but all the leads turned cold.

Saskatchewan's missing and murdered indigenous women: Margaret Blackbird

Saskatchewan is home to Canada's oldest MMIW case. Margaret Blackbird went missing in 1951. There are no photos and little clues as to where she went. She left behind two small children and a husband.

Melanie Dawn Geddes case remains unsolved

Melanie Geddes was described as a loving and caring mother. So when she went missing in August 2005, her family knew it was out of the ordinary for the

Who are Saskatchewan's missing and murdered indigenous women?

To date, Saskatchewan has 33 unsolved cases of missing and murdered indigenous women. We look at some of those cases, how the community is responding, and what more needs to be to help solve these mysteries.

Regina school takes 'backpacks to briefcase' approach

From the outside, Mother Teresa Middle School in Regina looks like any other school. But inside, it’s very different.

2 decades after teacher's slaying, family's resolve remains

More than two decades after Cindy Blazek, 23, was brutally killed in her own home in western Saskatchewan, people sometimes still talk about what was taken from the young woman's life.