Juanita Taylor

Juanita Taylor is Senior Reporter for The National in the North. Juanita joined CBC North in 2008 and comes from Rankin Inlet and Arviat in Nunavut.

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Chipewyan girl, age 8, still waiting for proper name to appear on legal documents

A Yellowknife mom has been trying to get the Northwest Territories government to change its system to allow for Indigenous symbols on official documents for her daughter who was born in 2014.

Nunavut Inuit delegation heading to France to pressure French gov't to extradite retired priest

A delegation of Inuit from Nunavut are preparing to travel to France in an effort to get retired priest Johannes Rivoire extradited to Canada to face charges of historical sexual abuse.

'We're hoping it doesn't come back': 2 Rankin Inlet men help chase polar bear out of town

People in Rankin Inlet woke up to heavy fog Wednesday morning — and news of a polar bear right in their community. "I unlocked my vehicle and we started chasing it right in town," says Wayne Kusugak.

Meet the teen hockey phenom who went from a backyard Yukon rink to the top WHL draft pick

Earlier this spring, Gavin McKenna, 14, became the first overall draft pick in the Western Hockey League. The Whitehorse teen who honed his skills shooting pucks in -30 C Yukon weather will play his first WHL game for the Medicine Hat Tigers this fall.

A 1-woman shrine to Queen Elizabeth shines on in Arviat, Nunavut

Joy Suluk of Arviat, Nunavut, remembers being fascinated by the picture of Queen Elizabeth II hanging in her school. Since then, Suluk's amassed a formidable collection of royal memorabilia.
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Papal meeting aims to strengthen relationships with Indigenous people of Canada

The delegation of Indigenous leaders has high hopes for an honest encounter that leads to healing and reconciliation.

Inuktitut announcers a win for hockey at the 2022 Olympics

David Ningeongan and Pujjuut Kusugak have been bringing play-by-play and colour commentary in Inuktitut to CBC's coverage of hockey at the 2022 Olympics. One woman watching says it's an act of reconciliation.

Nunavut man can't wait to fly home now that he's a certified helicopter pilot

Before becoming a helicopter pilot, Kelly Owlijoot was a wildlife technician based in Arviat, Nunavut. 
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'Vivid' memories persist of Korean Air Flight 085, Whitehorse's scare on 9/11

Korean Air Flight 085 was en route to New York City from South Korea with more than 200 passengers and crew on board when it was diverted to Whitehorse on 9/11. A false alarm that the plane had been hijacked forced the city into panic mode.

'Sewing is therapy': Why this Nunavut mom sews clothes for her kids

The Taloyoak, Nunavut, mother of three (with one more child on the way) had a brush with social media celebrity after creating a stunning puuq, or Mother Hubbard parka, for her daughter Tunnuq, who is turning two next month.